Synthetic Grass Brisbane Install & DIY

Synthetic Grass Brisbane Install & DIY

Surrounding yourself in lush, high quality and affordable synthetic grass  here in Brisbane is not so hard, especially since one of the largest artificial grass providers in Australia has their head office located right here in Brisbane.

You don’t have to pay for expensive interstate freight, and you are dealing directly with the founders of Enduroturf who have been installing synthetic grass long before the latest trend of new generation lawn started to take over homes around Australia.

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It is easy to see why so many people are realising the benefits of artificial grass considering its low maintenance benefits.  With Enduroturf you will never need to:

  • Mow
  • Fertilise
  • Water
  • Have bare dry patches
  • Or wet muddy patches

And you can install Enduroturf synthetic grass just about anywhere you would like the look and feel of lush lawn, the number of  landscaping ideas are unlimited…

  • Around pools
  • Backyards/Front yards
  • Playgrounds
  • Rooftops
  • Shaded areas
  • Courtyards

We stock a huge variety of synthetic grass products, the most popular grasses are listed on our website, but if you are after something more specific or a specialty product for a specific purpose then we have literally 100’s to choose from.

Our synthetic grasses are made to last and come with along warranty – up to 10 years, and although these grasses may look deceptively fragile they are so tough they are even used in public areas such as council strips, roundabouts, schools yards and sporting fields.

Enduroturf has been heavily involved in the design and evolution of Australian made artificial turf, ensuring that

  • Every grass has extra UV stabilization
  • Is 100% lead free
  • Is salt and chlorine resistant
  • And the colours created are not simply duplicated from offshore products but are specifically designed to blend perfectly into urban Australia, and will look right at home in the Brisbane landscape.

As new generation synthetic lawn became increasingly popular in Brisbane we have started to see more suppliers entering the market place. Great news for those looking to enjoy the benefits of synthetic grass as it means more choices, but how do you tell the difference between different products and suppliers?  Good quality synthetic grass should last as long as good quality pavers.

So how do you compare ‘Synthetic grass with artificial turf’

or as some people say – ‘apples with apples’?

Here at Enduroturf we encourage you to compare us to the market place. We will give you all the tools you need to ask the right questions whether you are looking to freshen up your back yard here in Brisbane or install an 5 star international sporting facility;

  1. Firstly, we would like to share with you why Enduroturf is so different.
  2. Then we would like to offer you a questionnaire checklist of questions you should be asking any potential supplier of synthetic grass.  The answers to these questions will give you invaluable insight into whether your chosen supplier is an experienced synthetic grass specialist with quality products or not.
  3. Then finally, we are so confident that you will find our synthetic grass quality, experience and prices unbeatable.  So we offer you the ‘Enduroturf Value Pledge‘ our guarantee to you!

We have a huge variety of installation sites for you to examine our synthetic grass in and around the Brisbane area, and would be happy to show you installations both large and small that have been in place for many years and stood the test of time.

Call Enduroturf synthetic grass Brisbane today on 07 3289 4000 for a free no obligation quote, and experience the difference!

Or contact us for an Australia Wide list of distributors.

PS.  For those that are handy and want to give DIY a go we can help you with our detailed guide on how to install synthetic grass and even DIY putting greens.

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