Synthetic Grass Cairns


Synthetic Grass Cairns

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Locating the right synthetic grass in Cairns is easy.  Although with a couple of artificial turf suppliers  in Cairns how do you choose the one that will offer you the best service, products and prices that are backed by a national value guarantee?

Being one of the largest suppliers of synthetic grass in Australia the cost of our artificial turf is minimised by  not only by the buying power of our group but also because one of our largest manufacturers is located right here in Queensland, this means you are paying for quality rather than expensive interstate freight.

Enduroturf specialises in Australian made products, some that even qualify to carry the prestigious ‘Made in Australia’ logo.

Each synthetic turf blade is colour matched to blend in with our landscape so you will find that our synthetic grass styles will look right at home in Cairns.

Cairns is home to Enduroturf distributor Brian McAtee of Maccas Synthetic Grasses. Maccas group of companies has been operating in the Far North Queensland since 1999, and has considerable experience not only with commercial and residential synthetic grass installation but also considerable sport field installation and maintenance.

Some of the projects already completed by Maccas Synthetic Grasses in Cairns include backyards, medium strips, highrise/commercial building surroundings, playgrounds, council and public areas, school and kindergarten play areas.

Enduroturf is different 

Cairns is well known for being warm and hospitable, but as a local you also know that there are times when the weather conditions can really turn on a show.

This is when it is important to know that your synthetic grass installation is of the highest standard.  Enduroturf follows a five stage installation procedure which gives you maximum protection and ensures longevity.

All Enduroturf grasses are carefully created with addition UV stabilisation, are salt and chlorine resistant and can stand up to the toughest of environments including heavy foot traffic, even public places and playgrounds. The way our grass is made allows us to offer long warranties – up to 10 years.

So, Why is Enduroturf so different?

Product range

The most popular styles from our exclusive synthetic grass product range are listed here.   If you can’t find what you are looking for on this page contact us. We have a huge range of unlisted speciality grasses.

The Enduroturf Value Pledge

Our guarantee to you. At Enduroturf we are so confident that our synthetic grass prices are the best value around that we have created  the Enduroturf value pledge. We challenge you to find a better synthetic grass deal.

Shopping Around? 

Need some help sorting the fly-by –night , lower quality synthetic grass installer from a high quality professional?  Download this questionnaire full of useful questions to ask any potential supplier of artificial grass it will really help you compare ‘apples with apples

Enduroturf Synthetic Grass Cairns 

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