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Synthetic Grass Perth

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Perth has embraced synthetic grass. New generation artificial turf has evolved into a lush, versatile and realistic alternative to more traditional types of permanent surfaces. This has seen many new synthetic grass suppliers popping up in and around Perth.  As a customer this is great news, it creates a more competitive market, it means you have lots of choices.

But how do you differentiate? How do you choose a great looking lawn and still know with confidence whether the cheapest quote is in fact the best value for money? That your lawn will last the distance, without fading, or falling apart and the supplier you have chosen is going to be around to service your warranty, or answer your questions should you ever want speak to them in the future.

Enduroturf is one of the largest synthetic grass suppliers in Australia, our buying power allows us to pass on significant savings without ever compromising on quality. We are so confident that our synthetic grass prices give you the best value for money that we are prepared to guarantee it!

Enduroturf does not import any of it’s products. Every blade of our artificial turf is designed to camouflage right into the Australian landscape. All of our lawn products are made to not only look real but feel real.

Why is Enduroturf so different? Enduroturf synthetic grass is manufactured with extra UV stabilisation so it won’t fade, it is chlorine and salt resistant so you can use it around your pool with confidence, our installation and base preparation ensures the longevity of your investment, we have exclusive products that have even been awarded use of the prestigious ‘made in Australia’ logo and much more.

Enduroturf stock a range of exclusive products with our most popular synthetic grass products listed on our products page, however we also have huge range of speciality grasses available, all with long warranties – up to 10 years.

Perth is home to Enduroturf’s Western Australia distributors Turf West which services Perth and its surrounding suburbs.

Enduroturf synthetic lawns and putting greens can be found in hundreds of homes and business in and around Perth.

At Enduroturf we encourage you to compare us to our competitors, in fact we have made it easy for you to compare apples to apples with an easy to download list of questions to ask any potential supplier of synthetic grass that will give you some professional insight.

For those that are handy and would like to try their hand at DIY – we will help you by showing you how to install synthetic grass  with details, pictures and a checklist of things you might need to make your project a success.

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