Synthetic Grass Sunshine Coast Install & DIY

Synthetic Grass Sunshine Coast Install & DIY

The Sunshine Coast is awash with picture-perfect home and business environments and, with the use of synthetic grass, property owners are updating the look of their residences quickly and cost-effectively.

This world-famous strip of Queensland coastline is idyllic, and it’s only natural that locals take great care maintaining their pristine pieces of paradise. At Enduroturf, we are lifestyle leaders in innovation and technology, and our aim is to make your life easier.

The luxury of synthetic grass is that the hard work has been done, leaving you more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business or home life.

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Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast residents are privileged to live, work and play outdoors, and at Enduroturf we provide first-class grasses suitable for professional-grade sporting surfaces, professional putting greens, school and day care playgrounds, council public areas, and entertaining areas at home.

As synthetic turf needs no mowing, trimming, or fertilisers, you are saving on time and money. Enduroturf’s range of lush, practical grasses are unbelievably realistic – looking and feeling just like a well-tended lawn.

Enduroturf’s synthetic lawns can be used anywhere that grass won’t grow such as shaded areas, heavy-use areas or between pavers. Our turfs can be colour-matched to suit outdoor areas and are designed to blend into the Sunshine Coast landscape.

If you’re one of the many golf fanatics living on the Sunshine Coast, we have just the right synthetic grass to create perfect, PGA-level, low-maintenance putting greens.

We have also developed long-lasting, new generation artificial turf which is chlorine and salt-resistant and ideal for use around all swimming pools. Enduroturf’s synthetic grasses have additional UV stabilisation to prevent fading and to allow them to cope with varied weather conditions.

Take a look at our synthetic grass products page. We have hundreds of styles, including grasses of different lengths, colours and applications.

At Enduroturf we are passionate about perfection, and we guarantee our prices. The Enduroturf Value Pledge will give you peace of mind in what has become a very competitive field. Take a look at our synthetic grass prices page.

If you want to understand why our range of grasses is one of the most established and respected available, read more to discover why Enduroturf is so different?

At Enduroturf, we provide warranties of up to 10 years. We are one of the largest suppliers of synthetic grass on the Sunshine Coast, and throughout Australia. All of our artificial grasses are made in Australia and some have been awarded the ‘Made in Australia’ logo.

If you would like to invest in any of our many grasses, but would like to install the product yourself, we can give you a guide on how to install your turf. Go to our DIY – how to install synthetic grass page.

We want you to feel confident in choosing Enduroturf, so would like you to compare us against our competitors. Get the grass you want by ‘comparing apples with apples’. This is an easy-to-download checklist of questions to ask any potential suppliers.

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