Synthetic Grass Toowoomba


Synthetic Grass Toowoomba

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Toowoomba is known for its fresh mountain air and rich volcanic soils, which has given it the appropriate name ‘The garden city of Queensland’. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, manicured grass and a huge variety of foliage you may be surprised to know that synthetic grass installations in Toowoomba are becoming increasingly popular.

Apart from the obvious benefit of being low maintenance, and not ever requiring mowing, trimming or fertilisers, this synthetic grass will look as perfect in years to come as the day you installed it.  New generation synthetic lawn looks amazingly realistic, it even feels like a lush soft lawn when you step onto it.

Artificial grass is used anywhere grass won’t grow or you don’t want to mow.  Such as shaded areas, heavy use areas, between pavers. It might look fragile but in fact Enduroturf is also installing these grasses in council public areas and school playgrounds.

For those with a passion for golf we can even incorporate all the benefits of synthetic lawn into a stunning, practical low maintenance putting green.

Every Enduroturf synthetic grass

  • Is made right here in Australia, colour matched to blend with your garden.
  • Is made with extra UV stabilisation to deal with our harsh Australian climate.
  • Is salt and chlorine resistant – use it around your pool with confidence.
  • Comes with a long warranty to give you peace of mind.

How many synthetic grass styles do you have for me to choose from?

We have hundreds of grasses. Different lengths, styles, colours, applications and the list goes on.  So rest assured we will have a grass to suit your project.  A short list of our most popular styles are listed on our synthetic grass products page.

Will you help me DIY? I would like to install synthetic grass myself?

Absolutely! If you are handy and would like to give it a go check out our DIY – how to install synthetic grass.  This guide comes complete with pictures and a checklist of things you will need to finish your project. We can help you choose the right grass for your needs.

What Separates Enduroturf Synthetic Grass Experts from the Others?

You can find several synthetic grass installers in Toowoomba but can they match the kind of installation expertise and price guarantee offered by Enduroturf?

If you want to understand why Enduroturf synthetic grass is one of the most established and respected artificial grass providers not only in Toowoomba but in all of Australia, then find out why is Enduroturf so different?

We welcome you to compare us against our competitors, in fact we encourage it. We have even designed a checklist of questions to ask any prospective supplier of artificial grass before you make up your mind. Go ahead and compare ‘apples with apples’.

How do I know I am getting the best value for money?

Because we guarantee it! We don’t want to leave any doubt in your mind that we are committed to offering you the best synthetic grass prices.  Many of our most popular synthetic grass products are made right here in Queensland.  You don’t have to pay expensive interstate freight charges to Toowoomba, and you get the benefit our national buying power.

Enduroturf Synthetic Grass Toowoomba

Toowoomba is home to Enduroturf distributor Richard Elson of Exterior Solutions, Richard can be contacted on his mobile 0408 700 994 or you can contact us at head office for a free no obligation quote.