Why is Enduroturf different?



We provide each customer with the highest level of service. At Enduroturf attention to detail is paramount and our synthetic grass experts are committed to a five-stage process of installation and are guided by a code of care and a professional attitude.

It’s a 5-Stage Process

Enduroturf uses a 5-stage installation process which, combined with Enduroturf’s superior products, is designed to give you a longer-lasting solution!

Australian Made

Did you know all Enduroturf synthetic grass products are made in Australia? One the reasons we do not use imported products is because of the harsh UV climate in Australia. Our products are specifically designed for, and have a proven track record, in this environment. Enduroturf products speak for themselves; we can show you installations that have been in place for several years.

Professional Installation

When you have an Enduroturf installation you can be assured that you and your property will be treated with respect. Our installers will not leave a mess for you to clean up. We are committed to keeping our promises and being punctual.

Best Solution

Enduroturf does not commit itself to one synthetic grass manufacturer. Our products are developed and chosen based on the best solution available to suit each project’s requirements. We understand the differences between the various types of synthetic grasses in the marketplace and we can help you decide on the best artificial grass to suit your needs.

Ensure Compliance

At Enduroturf, we are synthetic grass specialists – we know how to install synthetic grass! We will not only give you a totally seamless finish, but will ensure all aspects of each project are considered to maximise the life of your investment and ensure compliance to your manufacturer’s warranty.

Standard of Care

All Enduroturf installers (and agents) are required to attend extensive training to ensure that they meet the groups standard of care. No agency may work under the Enduroturf brand without having first committed to our commercial installation criteria.