Of course!  Synthetic lawns don’t only look good, they are made to last, including being salt water tolerant.

So, they are perfect around swimming pools, you can place it around recreational areas, childrens play areas, even high traffic spots such as public areas and can form part of a practice putting green! Aside from being salt water and chlorine resistant, synthetic lawns and inflammable so the great aussie icon ‘the BBQ” can even find it’s place on it!

With so many Australians living on the coastline, salt water tolerance is important to our landscaping requirements.

As Australia is in its worst drought for many years, it is very important to conserve water, and what better way to do it with durable and long lasting synthetic lawn? Synthetic lawn is low maintenance , it looks and feels like the real thing!

Imagine you’re living on the beach. Your grass keeps dying because you’re unable to water it because of water restrictions. That’s where synthetic lawns can come in!

Once you have installed your synthetic lawn, your outdoor area that was once brown and unsightly will be green and lush for years to come!

Enduroturf is a Brisbane based company with agents in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth. They can be contacted on 07-3289 4000 or check out their website www.enduroturf.com.au to located your local agent.

By Melissa Evans