Imagine the luxury of having perfectly manicured lush green grass around your pool. Never having to manoeuvre a mower or edger inside the gate, never fishing  grass clippings out of the pool, a grass that is tolerant of pool water splashes wether it be salt or chlorine, and will look fresh and inviting 365 days a year – at any level of water restriction..

Yes we are talking about artificial grass, but this is nothing like a tennis court surface or ‘astro turf’.  Enduroturf artificial grass is manufactured to mirror healthy natural lawn which is freshly watered, mowed, weeded, fertilised and edged.  When professionally installed it gives any area the illusion of a pedantic gardener.  Every day, rain – hail or drought.

The grass is filled with sand and rubber, so not only does it look realistic but when you step onto an Enduroturf lawn it offers cushioning which only compares to a healthy lawn, but of course without the bindies.

Enduroturf artificial grass is designed to compliment the natural environment .  Introducing rich organic colour to compliment  other more traditional forms of low maintenance surfacing such as pavers and concrete.

The sand and rubber infill doesn’t take long to settle into the pile, so even when you step on it with wet feet the infill will stay down in the pile.

Nothing synthetic is as cool underfoot as natural grass due to the water content however in hot whether you will find that synthetic grass tends to be cooler than concrete or pavers.

Despite it’s soft and delicate appearance, Enduroturf artificial grass is tough and made in Australia to withstand harsh Australian conditions.  Enduroturf artificial grass is backed by a minimum 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.  However, you can expect that Enduroturf artificial grass will last much longer than this.

In addition to swimming pool surrounds and backyards you will find Enduroturf standing up to daily public traffic in places such as public side walks, main road median strips, playgrounds, schools and business entrances.

Enduroturf is currently appointing agents around Australia.  To find out more about Enduroturf or becoming an agent you can  call Glen on 07 3289 4000.