Enduroturf and the QLD Department of Main Roads have given Beaudesert Road Acacia Ridge a lush artificial lawn facelift on a main section of median strip.

No longer does the drought have to mean driving past brown dirty patches of dead grass.

The artificial lawn installed by Enduroturf is hardy and looks incredibly life like. It looks like it has been watered, weeded and manicured everyday, but the reality is it will never need a drop of water and no one will have to gain access to the strip for mowing.

With the decimation of natural grasses and plants caused by the drought, DMR went on the hunt to find a green and natural looking alternative to real grass.  The Enduroturf artificial grass solution was selected due to its amazingly real look and feel, the longevity of the product and the cost saving provided over the life of the grass.

“The Enduroturf product was chosen because it was able to satisfy the DMR’s requirements for providing a green and sturdy look and feel for the median strip at Beaudesert Rd.” Says Marc King, Vegetation Inspector for DMR/Greening Australia.  “We wanted to try something a little different, something that looked attractive but was also cost effective.  Enduroturf gets a big thumbs up on both parts” says Marc.

Due to the heavy and frequent traffic on Beaudesert Rd, DMR was after a product that was durable enough to withstand the harshest of conditions, and also something that required no maintenance.

“One of the biggest problems we have with maintaining an area like this is the cost and danger of mowing and watering,” Says Marc King.  “The artificial lawn concept really makes a lot of sense for applications like median strips, roundabouts and other areas that have a large risk factor for the maintenance crews.  The Enduroturf product really kills 2 birds with one stone.”

Enduroturf is a Brisbane based company with agencies in Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide.  The Enduroturf artificial lawn system is used for many different commercial and residential applications and Enduroturf is also a leading supplier of artificial grass sporting fields.

For more information please contact Glen Hannon on 0410445524.