Alf Schenck, curator and project manager for ongoing renovations at Bray Park Community Church had a problem. He needed new synthetic lawn and soft fall for a new children’s play area.

“”I had to select a new ground cover for the playground I designed”” says Alf.  ““I wanted something that was a bit special – something that really had both the welfare of the children and also the welfare of the till in mind”.”

Mr Schenck contacted Enduroturf to help him solve his problem.

“”We see this all the time” ” Says Glen Hannon, Managing Director of Enduroturf. “ “Customers are looking for something that is better and safer for the kids. The old style synthetic grass that most playgrounds have installed is really just like coloured concrete. It’s very hard, not very attractive and very unflattering.””

Enduroturf markets a new style of synthetic turf,  they have a huge range of products. The product that has been installed in BPCC is a natural looking and feeling lawn replacement product. It has a 40mm pile height with a sand and rubber infill.”.

After a long and detailed selection process, BPCC decided on the Enduroturf product because of its superior look, feel and the fact that it is truly Australian Made.

“”The grass that Enduroturf installed is just what I wanted”” comments Alf.   ““It’’s really soft, looks like the real thing and meets the Australian standard for playground safety. The staff and most importantly the children love it. You really have to get down on your hands and knee’s to see it’s not the real thing. It’s simply amazing.””

Enduroturf is a Queensland based company with agencies all around Australia. The Enduroturf artificial lawn system is used for many different commercial and residential applications and Enduroturf is also a leading supplier of artificial grass sporting fields.

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