With the decimation of natural grass caused by the local water restrictions, its not surprising Glen Hannon from Enduroturf has seen his artificial lawn business grow as people search for new ways to create a green garden ambience.

Robert Hendy of The Gap recently had Enduroturf replace his dying grass and believes artificial lawns will be seen in more and more homes as we struggle to maintain the lush green look and feel that we all want in our backyards.

“My yard used to look like a dustbowl, then my wife saw the Enduroturf website and we decided to get a quote” said Robert. “When we agreed to go ahead I must admit I was a bit nervous, but once the job was complete I was amazed. The grass looks and feels just like real lawn. We had our 20th wedding anniversary party a week after it was installed and everybody loved it”

Enduroturf is a Brisbane based company that is a rare success story during the water restriction period. Whilst other businesses are feeling the pinch, Enduroturf is blooming.

“We are now rolling our company out through a national agency program” says Enduroturf founder Glen Hannon”. Our products are getting very positive responses from the residential market, and a huge surge of interest is coming from the commercial development, school and council areas. For many golf courses and sporting associations, artificial grass will be the solution to keeping their doors open.

This new generation synthetic grass has amazing aesthetic appeal” says Hannon. “So many people think of fake grass and visualise a tennis court like surface, or the old 60’s fad that really looked pretty fake. The new generation artificial grass is modelled on health couch or buffalo grass and with a specialised installation technique replicates a lush lawn, even when you walk on it.”

“The cost of maintaining real grass over say a 10 year period is very high when you add up the numbers” suggests Hannon. “Artificial lawn once installed requires no mowing, weeding, watering, pesticides or fertilisers and very little maintenance. It will actually cost less in the long run that real grass – plus it always looks immaculate. It’s clean, long lasting and very much like the real thing”

For those looking for more versatility and a bit of luxury Enduroturf also specialises PGA level synthetic putting greens which offer all the same low maintenance benefits of artificial lawn.

For more information please contact Enduroturf on 07 3289 4000 or 0410445524 and visit www.enduroturf.com.au