Synthetic lawn has been enjoying increased popularity amongst homeowners, and now the concept is starting to take off in public areas and larger scale commercial developments.

High profile areas that are costly, dangerous to maintain or just need to look great all the time have a new option to keep them looking green, fresh, watered  and manicured all year round.

This lawn is tough enough for Beaudesert Rd in Queensland which is in the process of installing permanently lush green Enduroturf  synthetic lawn in it’s median strip, and yet soft enough for everyday use in courtyards and daycare centres.

Enduroturf have introduced a synthetic lawn that is nothing like the ‘astroturf’ of the past.  This is a hardy commercial grade replica of well maintained couch.  It  is soft to walk on and hard to believe it isn’t real grass.

Best of all it doesn’t require any more maintenance than a paved area, requires no water, is non flammable, UV resistant  and has a very long life span.

Applications include beatification of any high profile area such as  roundabouts, feature areas, business entrances, rooftops, sporting surfaces or  verandahs.

With the increasing challenges of creating a fresh environment that is visually appealing during these times of intensifying water restrictions, perhaps the technology of ‘going green’ with synthetic surfacing is one to seriously consider.

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