Companies across Australia are now turning to using synthetic lawn for their new building developments to decrease ongoing maintenance costs and increase the value of their properties.

A significant element of a property’s value can be attributed to it’s look and ambience.  Australian’s like properties that have character and are liveable. These days many do not have the time to establish and maintain lawns, so the synthetic lawn option can be a very appealing option to building development companies to make their product stand out from the rest.

The aesthetics and ongoing maintenance costs (see our synthetic grass ROI -return on investment estimates ) associated with any development purchase can make or break a deal, and this is why building development companies are now turning to synthetic lawn.

Synthetic lawn offers all the low maintenance benefits of other more traditional permanent surfaces such as pavers or concrete, but introduces rich organic colour, with the illusion of constant trimming, watering and weeding, leaving the new owners to sit back and enjoy the view.

Apart form the obvious benefits of not needing to water, mow or weed.  Synthetic grass can be installed to double as a functional social area with synthetic putting greens making a perfect common area attraction.
Enduroturf synthetic lawn products are Australian made and are made to outlast the toughest of Australia’s daily environmental challenges. They are UV, chlorine and salt water resistant, come with a manufacturers warranty of up to 10 years and look great 365 days a year.
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