Forget painting portraits and playing a melody on the piano or even writing a poem, today all the rage in the art scene is artificial lawn on verandas. Yes that’s right artificial lawn worked into shapes and sculptures on verandas. You see the other night as I was laying in bed I was thinking about those gorgeous green artificial lawns,  and I got thinking, artwork has been made using rocks, trees, sand and natural formations in the wild for a long time now.  Now, it has evolved into using artificial lawn to create architectural oasis’s on verandas.

People must be sick of having a dry, flat backyard. Imagine building an architecturally different veranda which contains troughs and peaks and bends, covering it in artificial lawn to assimilate the feeling of living in a lush green entertaining oasis.

“Synthetic lawn has never looked or felt as real as is does now.  The product has been evolving since the old days of using tennis court grass to beautify an area. These days it is soft and lush, with realistic color and texture and a rubber infill that makes it pretty hard to tell the difference even when you walk on it with bare feet”  says Glen Hannon – Enduroturf synthetic lawn specialist.  ‘We started in Brisbane 4 years ago and due to the intense growth have now set up in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide”

The idea of constructing odd and fascinating verandas has never been as a hip as it is right now , the idea of covering it in artificial lawn gives feeling to a home.   They in fact have converted what normally would be considered dead space into a low maintenance, no water backyard which they could actually use and is always ready for entertaining.

Artificial lawn is not just confined to use in backyards and verandahs, Enduroturf synthetic lawn solutions can be found in playgrounds, median strips, round abouts, rooftops, schools, in between pavers, around feature areas and pools.   The list goes on….

No longer are the choices for outdoor flooring confined to pavers and concrete, we can live with fluctuating landscapes on beautiful verandas which integrate with the home to create the perfect ambience even in the midst of the severest drought.