Have you always wanted a lush, green lawn without the maintenance that a real lawn requires?  Enduroturf gives you a new option when it comes to landscaping.

Enduroturf is an excellent option in these times of increasingly severe water restrictions. After all, it is a lawn that will never need water!  Other major advantages include never having to mow, fertilise, or weed again, leaving you free to enjoy your garden.  It always looks lush and green, feels soft underfoot, looks natural and, because it is synthetic, you will never have to worry about stepping on a bindi or suffering from grass allergies again.

Enduroturf, as the name states, is also long lasting.  The lawns come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 7 years and can last much longer that this.  In a short period of time, the lawn will more than pay for itself if you consider the time and money that you save on fertilizers, water, pesticides and mowing.

However, Enduroturf, even though it is synthetic, is not the same as astro turf.  Enduroturf is synthetic lawn combined with sand and recycled rubber granules.  The lawn fibres are 30mm to 45mm long depending on your chosen product, and the sand and rubber granules are carefully applied into the matt of the lawn, anchoring the lawn fibres into place and providing a natural look and feel.

Your existing lawn will need to be removed and crushed rock base put down before Enduroturf can be installed.  Drainage isn’t a problem with the grass acting very similarly to pavers in that the water drains off the grass into a drain or garden bed.  The turf backing is also perforated to allow some water to drain vertically.

Enduroturf is drought proof and can resist the effects of the sun, wind, rain, snow and even ice.  It is also pet resistant – messes can be cleaned up as easily as you would on natural grass.
So, why not try Enduroturf as an option for a fresh, virtually maintenance-free lawn?  It looks just as good as or even better than the real thing!

All information and images provided by Enduroturf.  For more information please see www.enduroturf.com.au