There are a multitude of synthetic sporting surface options.  Depending on the proposed usage of the area, some products are designed with very specific characteristics aimed at a specific sport – for example – golf, hockey and lawn bowls.

Other surfacing options have characteristics which cater for several sports.  These products are typically called multi sport surfaces and range in style, quality and performance.

One consistent factor amongst synthetic sporting surfaces is that they are very economical in the long run.  Once installed there is very little maintenance required and obviously the need for watering, mowing, weeding and so forth is not required.  (Hockey turf is the only synthetic sporting surface that has a requirement for the use of water.)

Performance of synthetic fields will remain consistent, of a high quality and if installed correctly provide a year round weatherproof surface for sporting activities.

Enduroturf are partners with several of Australia’s leading sporting surface manufacturers and are able to provide professional advice and installation of any synthetic sporting surface.

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