Tired of the monotony of mowing the lawn or fishing grass clippings out of your pool when you can think of more desirable things to do on your weekend? Unless you are a green finger and get great pleasure from pottering around the garden, it’s a chore that most suburban house dwellers don’t get particularly excited about.
Well, synthetic lawn that has evolved to truly rival the alternatives is finally available.  This is guaranteed to give you some of your leisure time back!

Why not consider installing synthetic grass?  Fake grass has progressed in appearance and durability over the past few years, and can now look just as good as mother nature intended.  No longer does the man-made product appear too green or too plastic. As it doesn’t grow, you obviously don’t need to cut it, or worry about the messy edges. It is also laid on a thick base of crushed rock and sand, so the added bonus is that weeds find it virtually impossible to get through.

With water restrictions now a reality of our everyday lives, saving water is a key factor of installing artificial grass.  No watering is involved!  This means that during the drought you can have a nice lush green lawn to compliment your front garden or outdoor living area.

If you have a pool, bricks or paving can be slippery when wet.  Fake grass will provide an attractive, soft base in the case of falls during the peak of fun on a hot summer’s day.  An added safety benefit to your family and visitors.
No more need for pesticides, or fertiliser either.  Synthetic lawns do not cause grass allergies, and are child and pet friendly, featuring UV, chlorine and salt resistance.  Over the years many factors make fake grass cheaper than real lawn, saving you on maintenance and your time.  Convinced yet?

Queensland based company Enduroturf install synthetic grass for commercial and domestic purposes.  Glen Hannon from Enduroturf, says that the versatility of their product is used for numerous purposes such as on rooftops, business entrances, sporting surfaces, playgrounds, gold course putting greens, schools, swimming pool surrounds, play areas and courtyards. “Enduroturf is made in Australia to handle our harsh conditions”, said Glen.   “It feels realistic and endures heavy traffic, even from children and pets. Our products come with a 7 year manufacturers warranty, UV protection, 12 month installation guarantee and can be for any area, large or small to meet your specific requirements.”

Enduroturf pride themselves on providing a professional, punctual and thorough service by their trained and experienced installers which now operate from Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.
For further information, or a free measure and quote you can contact the helpful staff at Enduroturf on 07 3289 4000.

Written by Sharene Macdonald