Do you remember when your lawn wasn’t dry and yellow?  It was probably a long time ago, but before the drought some of us did enjoy looking upon our backyards with pride – the lush, healthy plants, blooming flowers and of course the lovely green grass.

It’s tempting to give up altogether and let the foliage fend for itself.  But before we throw in the towel it may be worthwhile considering the recent success of fake grass for homes and playground areas.

Families with young children are starting to discover the benefits of artificial lawns in backyards since they have proven to be such a great protector for kids on playgrounds.

With summer coming around wouldn’t it be nice to have an attractive and healthy looking lawn when your friends come around and also be able to minimise the bumps and bruises kids get from falls when they’re playing.

“Fake grass is very appealing for busy parents because it’s safe, low maintenance and it looks great,” says Diana Hannon, Director of Enduro Turf, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of artificial grass.

Australian home owners are now searching for new ways to create a green garden ambience and Enduro Turf has solutions.

Enduro Turf has a wide range of artificial grasses for every situation – from residential homes to commercial environments, from child-care centres to all sorts of sporting surfaces – all of which will never need watering, mowing or fertilising.

“People are usually very surprised at how many options there are for their lawns,” says Hannon, “Designs can accommodate different aesthetics, climates, surface traffic and slopes and contours.”
By Bianca Festa