Weed free, freshly trimmed,  healthy grass in-between pavers, around pools and decking can be a stunning garden design effect, but doesn’t last long unless you have time to constantly weed, water and trim.  This is where artificial grass is currently finding it’s way with amazingly life like results.
Artificial grass not only looks and feels natural, but it so low maintenance that you can now create these landscaping ideas delivering organic effects within your property knowing that it will look every bit as inviting for many years to come, and that’s without ever having to get out the hose, mow or use clippers again.
“Enduroturf is experiencing a boom within the backyard renovation phenomena.  People are searching for new ways to create an outdoor ambience that extends their homes into the outdoors. ”, says Glen Hannon, Managing Director, Enduroturf. “People are busy, there is so much to do without having to constantly worry about where to find time to maintain your garden or how current or future water restriction may affect their choice of ground cover.”
Artificial grass is perfect for all kinds of surfaces. Not only does it look immaculate in between pavers, or on it’s own in the garden, it always fresh  and ready for what ever party or game the kids might dish out.
Enduroturf can even incorporate a functional synthetic putting green that offers all the same low maintenance benefits of artificial lawn and looks amazing in any situation
Enduroturf is always ready for play when you are!  
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