Tara DeLacy has just installed over 250 square metres of artificial lawn at her Killara home.

“”First our lawn was dead. Now with this rain it’s going out of control – there’s little grass left but mainly Tony is just mowing weeds”” says Tara.  “The poor guy has to mow every weekend these days. It’s really not very nice. We should be spending time out with the kids.””

Enduroturf General Manager Glen Hannon says that the demand for artificial lawns has gone through the roof in recent times.

“”We’re not surprised that even with the rain we’re still installing lawns in all sorts of environments.”  says Hannon.

“People we’re buying the grass when the drought was affecting their lawns, and now we’re seeing a whole new generation of people coming on board. I suppose people simply have had enough of looking after grass, and when they see how realistic the Enduroturf products look and feel they just figure why not”

Enduroturf artificial lawn looks and feels like natural grass. It requires no mowing, no watering and has a life expectancy of between ten and fifteen years.

“”We now have a beautiful green lawn again” says Tara. “”It looks just wonderful and feels like the real thing. I’m really impressed at how realistic the grass looks and feels.””

The demand for artificial lawns is increasing rapidly as home owners, developers and commercial property managers all look to get back that lush green look.

Enduroturf is a Queensland based company with agencies all around Australia. The Enduroturf artificial lawn system is used for many different landscaping ideas with both commercial and residential applications and Enduroturf is also a leading supplier of artificial grass sporting fields.

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