There is a wide variety of options when it comes to playground soft fall.  The newest being synthetic lawn, it offers the benefit of integrating into a natural environment with rich organic colour and texture.

Enduroturf’s soft fall synthetic lawn is every bit as soft to touch as mother nature intended and complies with AS 4422 for use under fall equipment.  Unlike sand or woodchip nothing can be buried in it, so it can not conceal hazardous sharps and it leaves no messy residue on children

Despite it’s delicate natural appearance this lawn is up to the job of handling children on a daily basis, and is often used in schools and daycare centers.

The idea of using synthetic lawn at home for combined outdoor entertaining and children’s  play areas  is becoming quite popular.  This synthetic lawn is nothing like the old style tennis court grass.  New age synthetic lawn looks and feels like the real thing.

With summer coming around wouldn’t it be nice to have an attractive and healthy looking lawn when your friends come around and also have an ideal play area for the children.

“Synthetic lawn is very appealing for busy parents because it’s safe, low maintenance and it looks great,” says Diana Hannon, Director of Enduro Turf, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of artificial grass.
Australian home owners are searching for new ways to create a green garden ambience and Enduro Turf has solutions. Designs can accommodate different aesthetics, climates, surface traffic and slopes and contours.
Enduro Turf has a wide range of artificial grasses for every situation – from residential homes to commercial environments, from child-care centres to all sorts of sporting surfaces – all of which will never need watering, mowing or fertilising.
“People are usually surprised at how good this lawn looks and feels,” says Hannon.
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