Eight Mile Plains residents Jean and Alan Arscott are proof that you can have a lush green lawn even with heavy water restrictions.

The Arscott’s have just had installed over 300 square metres of artificial lawn by Brisbane based company Enduroturf.

“Our lawn was dead.  Nothing was going to stop that,” Says Alan.  “Every time I came home from being out I just cringed.  I used to have one of the best lawns on the street, but with the lack of rain and water restrictions it just couldn’t make it”

Enduroturf General Manager Glen Hannon says that the demand for artificial lawns has gone through the roof in recent times.

“I guess you could say we’re in the right business at the right time” says Hannon.  “People are very house proud and everybody likes the look of freshly cut grass.  The drought has really made it hard for people to have their homes looking the way the want them to.  You can have the neatest garden, the cleanest driveway, but it all just doesn’t matter if the lawn is dead and brown.”

Enduroturf artificial lawn looks and feels like natural grass.  It requires no mowing, no watering and has a life expectancy of between ten and fifteen years.

“We now have a beautiful green lawn again,” says Jean Arscott.  “It looks just wonderful and feels like the real thing.  I’m amazed at how far fake grass has come.”

The demand for artificial lawns is increasing rapidly as home owners, developers and commercial property managers all look to get back that lush green look.

Enduroturf is a Brisbane based company with agencies in Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide.  The Enduroturf artificial lawn system is used for many different commercial and residential applications and Enduroturf is also a leading supplier of artificial grass sporting fields.

For more information please contact Glen Hannon on 0410445524.