Australian Made Synthetic Grass

Do you want your money staying in Australia?

Here at Enduroturf, we have been selling Australian Made synthetic grass grass for over 18 years.  Being a family owned business, we pride ourselves on using Australian Materials in our grasses.

IN this industry the term AUSTRALIAN MADE gets thrown around a bit!

Artificial Grass has 2 main components to it:

  • YARN  – The green and brown bits
  • BACKING – the black bit on the back

96% of our product range is comprised of YARN and BACKING materials that are made right here in Australia

Some of our competitors  IMPORT these components from overseas – in many cases CHINA, assemble them here and call it AUSTRALIAN MADE!

When you buy these products money from that transaction goes BACK OVERSEAS – usually to CHINA.

At Enduroturf we want that $ to stay here in Australia – going to Australia workers and their families – NOT to overseas companies.

Whilst not all our grasses meet this criteria – we want to be very clear – NONE OF OUR GRASSES OR ANY COMPONENT IN OUR PRODUCTS COMES FROM CHINA

Any materials we import come from Europe or USA – that is 100% our Guarantee.  Only a very small percentage of our grasses use imported components – the vast majority use Australian sourced materials

So – if you are buying grass elsewhere you must ask:

  • Is the grass imported or made in Australia?
  • If made here – Where are the manufacturing components in the turf coming from?  – In particular the yarn (as this is what your warranty mainly covers)

If the supplier isn’t prepared to put it in writing – do you believe them?

I know we are all wanting to support our fellow Aussies – as Enduroturf have done since inception.  This goes from manufacturing staff, the warehouse guys, truck drivers and even the local landscaper or handyman installing it.