Children & Pets

Enduroturf “Outdoor carpet” and “Fake Grass for Dogs” makes playtime easy for everyone! 

One of the biggest “thank you’s” we get here at Enduroturf is from parents.  One of Mum’s biggest headaches is the constant cleaning of clothes, floors and verandas because we all know kids (and Dads) track dirt and mud everywhere…  Installing synthetic grass takes care of this problem from day 1.  Synthetic grass is soft, safe, clean and, best of all, it can be used even when it is raining with no mud to worry about.  Perfect for under the swings, around the pool or even the whole back yard.

Enduroturf offers a wide range of synthetic playground grasses from traditional short strand “astro turf” styles right up to our premium sand and rubber-filled grasses that are being used more and more due to the softness and longevity of the product.

Enduroturf has developed an incredibly soft and safe alternative for children that will reduce skinned knees and absorb minor impacts, reduce the wear and tear on the surface and also provide an incredibly natural look and feel.  Perfect for bike tracks, under play equipment (up to 2 metres) and for all areas that you want a green look and feel.

For further information about our choices of synthetic grasses, soft fall, day care and all playground grasses please contact us

PS. Ask about our new range of Playground Equipment!

Artificial Pet Grass

Dogs and their owners love the Enduroturf Dog Run Turf! It’s as easy to clean as natural grass! Urine just soaks into the infill sand and washes out the bottom – and #2s just get picked up as normal and hosed when necessary.  Reduce muddy areas and provide a natural looking, hygienic and safe environment for pooches to play.

Specialised installation techniques are available for “nuisance dogs” – ie:  heavy diggers!  View our synthetic grass prices or contact us for more information.