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Enduroturf – a premium synthetic grass contractor for design and installation, supply only or anything in between!

The choice is yours. 

Enduroturf is happy to provide whatever level of service you need. From designing the perfect permanent, low-maintenance artificial grass landscape – including supply and installation by our team of professionals – to simply delivering the right synthetic turf and materials necessary to complete the job yourself, we are here to help.
We understand the importance of getting the job done right, first time, without delays and within budget.

Huge range of synthetic grass for any application

Enduroturf has a wide variety of artificial grass styles available. Our most popular styles are listed on our Synthetic Grass Products page.
We can also source additional styles and colours of artificial turf for specialist applications.

Enduroturf does not commit itself to one synthetic grass manufacturer – our grasses are developed and chosen based on the best solution available for each project’s requirements. We understand the differences between the various types of synthetic grasses in the marketplace, and we can help you decide on the best artificial turf to suit your needs.

How realistic is synthetic lawn?

Enduroturf synthetic lawn is designed to complement the natural environment. Our synthetic lawns introduce a rich organic colour that will complement other more traditional forms of low-maintenance surfacing, such as pavers and concrete.

Enduroturf artificial grass is manufactured to mirror healthy, natural turf which has been freshly watered, mowed, weeded, fertilised and edged. When professionally installed it gives any property, business entrance or public area the illusion that a pedantic gardener has been hard at work. Every day – rain, hail or drought – our synthetic lawns remain in pristine condition.

Where can synthetic grass be installed?

Enduroturf synthetic grass contractors can be found Australia-wide, and have experience with a variety of applications including;

Median strips and sidewalks Theme parks
Rooftops Schools and playgrounds
Feature areas/entrances Hotels and resorts
Artificial grass landscaping Building developments
Common areas Sporting fields

The possibilities are endless.

For a touch of ultimate luxury, all the benefits of synthetic turf can be incorporated into an artificial putting green or other sporting surface to allow you to get even more use out of those grassed common areas.
Any area which is difficult, dangerous or costly to access is also perfect for an Enduroturf artificial grass installation.

What about heavy foot traffic – how long will it last?

Despite its soft and delicate appearance, Enduroturf synthetic grass is tough and has been made in Australia to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.

Enduroturf is a company that has been installing grass for a long time, and we can show you older synthetic grass installations in heavily used public areas. That way you can see for yourself how we stand the test of time.

Enduroturf grass is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years. However, you can expect that Enduroturf artificial grass will last much longer than this.

What is my Return on Investment going to be?

Every situation is different, but to help you get started we have prepared a sample ROI for you to view.  Click here

Apart from the obvious savings of money spent on maintenance, your clients will appreciate the serenity of not having noisy lawn mowing services running through the property.

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