Artificial grass FAQs

Q: Are your artificial grasses the same as astro-turf?
A: No. It’s actually synthetic grass combined with sand and recycled rubber granules. The lawn fibres are 30-45mm long depending on the product you select. A unique blend of rubber granules and sand is carefully applied into the matt of the lawn. This anchors the synthetic turf securely in place and makes it look and feel just like natural grass.

Q: Is there any long-term effect from the sun – will the sun harm the synthetic grass or make it fade?
A: Our fibres have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow and ice.

Q: What is the life expectancy of this product?
A: All of our synthetic grass products come with a minimum limited 5-year warranty; actual life expectancy is 10-15 years.

Q: What type of maintenance should I expect?
A: An occasional brooming is recommended but not necessary. This will stand the fibres back up and even out the in-fill material. Most customers leave the grass in its “flatter” position as this is more like real grass. Debris such as leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower – as long as it is done with care to avoid blowing away of the sand and rubber.

Q: Can Enduroturf be installed over my existing lawn?
A: No. The existing turf must first be removed either by spraying or removed with a turf-cutter. A fine layer of crushed rock is laid down, smoothed and compacted before the artificial turf is installed.

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Q: How does drainage work with your artificial grass?
A: The drainage is very similar to pavers – water drains “off” the artificial grass surface into a drain or garden bed. The artificial turf backing also has many perforated holes allowing for water to drain vertically. Additionally, the infill (sand) absorbs and holds some water.

Q: Can pets harm my artificial grass?
A: We sell this product for use in kennels. Urine is not a problem as it absorbs into the sand and rubber and eventually evaporates. Other messes clean up the same as natural grass, using a scooper or shovel. You may also spray the soiled area with a hose then simply brush the turf back into place if necessary.

Q: How does the cost of artificial grass compare to natural lawn?
A: When compared with installing a sprinkler system, top soil, and the price of turf, combined with watering, mowing, weeding, fertilising, Enduroturf artificial grass will pay for itself in a few years. You can maximise your investment if you include low-maintenance solutions such as pebbles or paving with your synthetic grass. The contrast of these solutions with our grass looks fantastic!