Introducing Hydrochill

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What is Hydrochill?

Hydrochill is an infill you can add to any existing synthetic lawn

How does it work?

It helps trap cooling moisture within your artificial grass and releases it during hot weather


How long does it last?

It lasts for the life of your fake grass!

Is it safe for kids and pets?

It is totally safe and used throughout the sporting world, now available for residential use in homes and commercial applications like schools and business settings

Let’s go into those answers in a little more detail!

Hydrochill is a pre-coated sand infill that can be added to new synthetic lawns. It naturally holds moisture and can be activated through irrigation systems or a simple water hose. Either way, the effectiveness can last for days as the moisture is released. Hydrochill is non-toxic and does not have negative environmental effects. Now you can control surface temperatures for your family and pets.

A standard lawn with a wet surface will cause some cooling, but temperatures can quickly rise and may exceed uncomfortable levels of heat. AHydrochill  lawn has been shown to create a substantial temperature differential in real-world applications. Based on actual lab and outdoor lawn thermocouple testing, Hydrochill has achieved 16°-28° Celsius lower surface temperatures compared to a standard synthetic turf system.

How long does it last?

Hydrochill lasts for the lifetime of your artificial grass. That initial investment will yield even more benefit over the years as it’s cool-to-touch surface will encourage you and your family out into the garden all year round. It’s ideal for pools, backyards, schools, early childhood centres, bowling lawns, putt putt courses etc.


Is it safe for kids and pets?

Yes, Hydrochill is used extensively through the southern states of the USA in schools and sporting applications, meeting their strict standards.

Why use Hydrochill here in Australia?

The reality is our climate is harsh and this product reduces heat buildup in domestic synthetic lawns and sports facilities’ fake turf

To get more information on Hydrochill and how it can transform your artificial lawn, contact your local Enduroturf Office

Evaporative Cooling for Your Feet

Evaporative cooling technology is nothing new to our cousins in the drier Southern states – the principle of blowing moist air through your house in place of refrigerated cooling is as old as the outback fridge. Similarly, the Hydrochill infill system has been proven to cool synthetic grass surfaces by working on the same principle; moisture stored in the Hydrochill infill is released as the sun’s rays are at their hottest – and the resulting evaporation actually cools the grass surface.


When Hydrochill Really Works Hard

The temperature on our thermometers doesn’t relate directly to the temperature of your lawn. There are many factors at play here; how long the sun’s been shinning, it’s angle, whether there’s cloud cover, wind, shade and humidity – and these all contribute to the temperature of your grass surface.

Hydrochill works hardest when the sun is at its highest, as you can see from the Solar Radiation Calendar. Our hot Australian summer sun sits almost overhead and bears down on exposed surfaces which absorb large amounts of radiant heat. It’s this part of the day where most lawn surfaces bake and the resulting temperature makes then uncomfortable to walk on.

More Cool Facts

  • Hydrochill utilizes moisture to provide a cooling effect

  • Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending on local conditions

  • Hydrochill will not affect the durability or warranty of your grass

The Heatmap Test

Comparison graph showing untreated synthetic grass with wet grass and hydrochill treated grass
Using a thermocouple to create a Heatmap of a lawn without Hydrochill against a wet lawn then one treated with Hydrochill, reveals the amazing cooling effect of this product.

Dry Surface without Hydrochill
Heatmap of an untreated Synthetic Lawn
Wet Surface with Hydrochill
Artificial grass with Hydrochill infill

Hydrochill patented technology has been developed through years of turf system research. It has been vetted with laboratory testing and, more importantly, outdoor lawn testing.

To get more information on Hydrochill and how it can transform your artificial lawn, contact your local Enduroturf Office.