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A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer. A great hitter who cannot putt is a match for no one.

– Ben Sayers

Home Putting Greens Brisbane

Enduroturf offers its KDK-Putt putting green as a true playing experience for many home users and commercial environments. This style of putting green is specifically designed for smaller areas or for those who are simply wanting to improve their putting. One of the main characteristics of an Enduroturf KDK-Putt green is that it is relatively easy to install (See DIY option here). This type of surface is designed for putting and short chipping only. The surface has less “give” than our PGA level green, but still has all the other characteristics of a natural green.

You will experience a very true roll, speeds of around 9-10 on the stimp meter and the capability to create a green that has as many undulations as you like.


An Enduroturf synthetic putting green is the ultimate touch of luxury. It will add value to your lifestyle and property, giving you hours of endless practice and entertainment without the hassles of constant maintenance.

Did you know that Enduroturf originally started out purely as a premium artificial putting green installation and design specialist? As the business grew it started to branch out into synthetic lawns and other sporting surfaces.

Our passion still lies in golf and putting greens, and we offer a wide range of speciality greens ranging through from commercial golf course installations through to DIY putting green kits.

backyard putting green Brisbane


This level of synthetic putting green is found in the homes of famous golfers worldwide. It allows you to chip and pitch from any distance with confidence – the ball will stick and roll just as a natural grass putting green would. It allows you to practice your putting with a true roll from every position on the green.



This style of synthetic putting green also offers a realistic playing experience and handles short chipping. It is designed for smaller areas, or for those that are only focused on putting. This green is at home either as a backyard, commercial or indoor putting green and is found at many pro golfing shops around Australia.



From high quality artificial putting greens to target greens, fairway lawn or driving range hitting turf, Enduroturf have the experience to ensure the longevity of your investment.



Whether you want to use your own design or have an Enduroturf custom design, anything from a basic model right through to a mega putt with all the bells and whistles.


Q.Why consider a putting green?

A. A putting green adds to the landscaping of your home, increases property value, affords an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, improves putting skills, encourages young people to start golf at an early age and allows more free time for the working mum and dad.

Q Why should I choose an artificial putting green instead of a real grass green?

A. The main reason is the maintenance involved. Natural grass putting surfaces require constant maintenance and water plus the cost of the equipment and chemicals that are needed. Enduroturf synthetic greens require minimal effort to maintain and will last 10 years+ under normal circumstances.

Q What type of base will be used if I want contours in the green?

A. We use a road base and crusher dust sub-surface which is hardy and easy to manipulate and shape.

Q Do you offer any warranties?

A. Product warranties are supplied by manufacturers and range from 5-7 years depending on your product choice. We also offer a 1-year labour warranty on all work carried out.

Q How far away can I hit shots from and expect a realistic holding capability on a synthetic green?

A. If you plan to hit shots from 5 metres or more, our premium sand-filled system will provide the same response on the green that you will find on any golf course.

Q What makes an Enduroturf synthetic green differ from a standard putt putt green?

A. Enduroturf uses a technique that utilises artificial turf with a 35mm sand filled + underlay system. The sand serves two purposes.  Firstly, it makes the turf stand upright and secondly the sand helps to cushion and hold the ball when chipping to the green. Turfs that do not require much sand-fill are denser. Their fibres are spring set to resist matting and they basically have a true ball roll but lack the ability to hold a chip. These turfs traditionally are used in smaller areas where there is no room to chip, or they are used indoors.

Q. Can I request a certain speed, or change the speed of my synthetic putting green?

A. The Enduroturf putting greens are made to replicate PGA-level putting greens. You can therefore expect to get speeds of around 11 on the stimp meter. This speed is not variable. The greens will start outwith speeds of around 9-10 on the stimp, but with time and settling, the speed will increase to around 11.

Q How big should my synthetic putting green be?

A. This really is the “how long is a piece of string” question. Factors that must be considered are: what you plan to use the green for (just putting, chipping), size of the area available, access, budget, how many people will be using it at one time, how many holes do you want, and so on. There simply is no answer to this question. Each customer has different circumstances that must be considered – the best thing to do is call us. We can help you by starting to talk about the factors you will need to consider.

Q What effect, if any, does the weather have on your synthetic putting green?

A. We have customers in every climate imaginable from extreme heat to extreme cold. All of our synthetic turfs are very durable in all weather elements. You can expect them to last somewhere from 10-15 years under normal circumstances.

Q What are the advantages of your artificial putting greens products?

A. Affordable, little or no maintenance, permanent installation, weather resistant, year-round use, increases property value, and has warranty protection.


"it’s been an awesome play area for the kids..

As we hoped, it’s been an awesome play area for the kids…football, basketball, netball, gymnastics, even wrestling! The space now draws the children outside more often and they stay out longer to play. The house is also much cleaner now that dirt and dust aren’t being trampled through, and so we’re very happy about less cleaning! We were very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the guys who installed the grass and the quality of the job they did – we felt very well looked after throughout the process. A great investment for our family”s health and fun 😊.

Nova Heinrich – Google Review

"Very happy with the end product..

Very happy with the end product and also the entire experience from start to finish. Glen visited my home and quoted up only what I needed. No BS about wastage like I got from the others, he only quoted me for what was going to be laid. Further, when I got my final invoice it was actually reduced as the re-measure was a little less after I had boxed out the corner for my pool equipment. The installation was slick and stress free, and they managed to fit me in between the regular downpours without any complaints. Geoff and the boys did a great job and did it all without making a mess, despite the wet conditions. 5 stars.

Gary Newbold – Google Review

"Whole experience from start to finish was exceptional..

Whole experience from start to finish was exceptional and professional. The areas look great and we were informed and consulted through out the process and they even tidied up after each day and at the end. If you are looking for high quality artificial grass installation talk to Glen

Charles Smith – Google Review

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