An apartment rooftop gives residents a relaxing communal space to kick back and admire the city skyline. As our major cities become increasingly urbanised, the humble rooftop is evolving into a must-have recreational space.

While apartment buildings of old laid unsightly slate or concrete surfaces, a novel flooring type is gaining traction around Australia.

Here’s why artificial grass for rooftop communal areas is fast becoming the go-to option in Australia.

The Rise of Rooftop Communal Areas in Apartment Buildings

With real estate prices skyrocketing in recent years, more and more Australians are looking towards apartments for affordable housing. The City of Sydney estimates 80% of residents near the CBD will reside inside apartments by 2030.

But this new generation of apartment-dwellers isn’t content with a cramped shoebox-like living space. Modern urban Australians want luscious recreational areas to soak up the sunshine and connect with their community. To compensate for the lack of a classic Aussie backyard, developers have begun incorporating leafy green gardens into apartment rooftops.

These are more than just places to catch some rays and fresh air. Apartment rooftops provide social community-driven spaces plus recreational facilities such as barbeques and games. As high-rise living becomes more prevalent, developers must stay ahead of the trend to remain competitive.

Artificial Grass: The Ultimate Rooftop Flooring Solution

Natural grass isn’t financially viable on an apartment rooftop as it requires a solid soil base, constant maintenance, and adequate drainage to thrive.

While some developers opt for tile or concrete flooring, artificial grass offers a more natural luscious look. Stressed-out city dwellers are surrounded by concrete their whole lives; a verdant communal rooftop can provide much-needed respite. Throw in some pot plants and hanging vines to enhance the garden-like design.

Aesthetics aside, rooftop artificial grass offers a slew of tangible benefits.

The easy-to-maintain surface only requires an occasional rinse to wash away dust or a scrub with soapy water and a brush. As it’s laid up high, you won’t have to worry about sweeping away leaves and other natural debris.

Its lightweight nature makes synthetic grass suitable for almost all apartment rooftops. Including in-fill, the roof will only need to support around 15-20 kg per square metre. Plus, artificial grass drains exceptionally well, especially when placed above a water drainage cell and geotextile membrane.

Additionally, artificial grass on a rooftop provides an effective insulation layer. In winter, the fibrous blades trap heat inside the building. During the warmer months, the surface reflects sunlight to help keep the apartment complex cool.

Synthetic grass is easier to install than other surface types. A hire crane company can lift the material to the rooftop in a few hours so that contractors can start laying down the surface.

Invest in Artificial Grass for Rooftop Communal Areas from Enduroturf

Since launching in Queensland in 2003, Enduroturf has rapidly expanded to become Australia’s leading synthetic grass provider.

We offer a wide range of commercial artificial grass for rooftop applications. Get in touch with us today to see how we can transform your drab apartment rooftop into a lush communal space the residents will love.

–Grass rolls are transported to rooftop areas through the use of third party crane hire services.