Do you manage a school or crèche? Or perhaps you’re looking for creative ways to child-proof your backyard?

Then you should consider investing in artificial turf for your play areas. 

Children’s playtime can become a messy endeavour—think thrills, spills, and rolling around on the ground. No other surface type offers the safety, aesthetics, comfort, and convenience of synthetic turf. 

In this post, we’re examining why artificial grass is the perfect surface for the little ones to run amok on. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces

Whether it’s for a school playground or a kid-friendly suburban backyard, artificial grass comes with an array of enticing advantages over other surface types. 

  • Soft surface: Comfy rubber mats and soft synthetic blades reduce playground injuries—no more scraped knees. 
  • Even terrain: Create a completely flat surface to minimise trips and slips.
  • Like-new look: Artificial grass doesn’t turn brown or develop unsightly patches.
  • Long lasting: You can expect your surface to remain in tip-top condition for decades.
  • Low maintenance: No need to waste time watering or mowing the lawn.
  • Weather resistant: Artificial grass won’t get muddy every time it rains.
  • Fast drying: Puddles will rapidly dry once exposed to direct sunlight (or you can sweep them away).
  • Environmentally friendly: You’ll save precious resources by not watering the lawn.
  • Less messy: No more tracking mud and other debris indoors.
  • Fewer allergies: Hay fever-prone kids won’t get the sniffles whenever they play outside. 

Artificial Grass for Schools

School play areas cop a lot of use. Every recess and lunchtime, the kids run outside and hit the playground to blow off steam. Due to this heavy daily use, you need a soft surface that can withstand significant wear and tear. 

While concrete won’t degrade anytime soon, its rugged nature will result in endless scrapes and bruises. Natural grass, on the other hand, will wreak havoc as the kids track mud inside. 

Opting for synthetic grass gives you a soft, safe, and long-lasting surface that keeps your hallways and classrooms clean. 

Artificial Grass for Child Care Centres and Kindergartens

Toddlers have an ingrained habit of hurting themselves. As the little ones develop their motor skills, slips and falls are all but guaranteed. That’s why preschools, child care centres, kindergartens, and crèches must prioritise a soft and safe surface in their play areas. 

Installing synthetic grass with soft fall properties minimises injury during those inevitable mishaps. The top products are just as soft and cushy as bark or rubber yet maintain the lovely lush aesthetic of a natural green lawn. 

Artificial Grass for Home Playgrounds

Artificial grass is more affordable than you think. 

While it requires an initial upfront investment, minimal maintenance costs will save you money in the long run. The surface will eventually pay for itself due to lower water bills and no mowing-related expenses. Homeowners who outsource their gardening work to contractors will reap even bigger savings.  

Not only is synthetic turf cheap enough to justify for home use, but it’s also the ideal option. The soft, safe surface will minimise bruises and scrapes, while its dirt-free properties will help keep clothes and indoor flooring clean. 

Allergy Free Environment

Natural grass is a breeding ground for pollen, a fine powdery substance the wind blows into our eyes and nose that triggers allergic rhinitis (hay fever). As kids are especially susceptible to allergies, it’s essential to minimise their exposure.

The best way to eliminate pollen in a play area is to replace natural grass with synthetic turf. Artificial grass is hypoallergenic by design, as it doesn’t contain any seeds, pollen, or natural hairs. An occasional sweep is sufficient to brush away any allergens that have settled on the surface. 

Artificial Grass with Softfall

Softfall refers to artificial grass with mega-soft fibres to cushion the impact of inadvertent falls. Specially designed for sports courts and kids’ play areas, these plush cushiony fibres optimise safety while remaining practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Enduroturf manufactures a wide range of artificial grass surfaces with mega-soft fibres for schools and residential play areas. Some of the most popular options include: 

Why Choose Enduroturf

Synthetic grass has a broad array of benefits for children’s play areas. From durability to safety and minimal maintenance, there’s little wonder it’s become the go-to option for Aussie schools and families. 

Since kick-starting in Queensland in 2004, Enduroturf has rapidly expanded to become our country’s leading artificial grass supplier. We manufacture all our products right here in Australia to ensure optimal quality and longevity. 

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can spruce up your play area with artificial turf.