Many people think that having your own backyard putting green is reserved for only the largest and most expensive properties. However, with the affordability and low maintenance of an artificial grass putting green, there has never been a better time to install a home putting green.

Enduroturf is Australia’s premium artificial putting green installation and design specialist. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your short game or an experienced golfer looking to install a top-of-the-line synthetic putting green, Enduro turf has the solution. With over 17 years of industry experience, when it comes to backyard putting greens, we’re the experts. Call us today on 07 3289 4000 for a quote.

The Benefits Of Installing An Artificial Putting Green

There are many benefits to installing an artificial putting green at your home, from the minimal maintenance required when compared to a natural grass green to improving the value of your property.

Low Maintenance

One of the key benefits of installing an artificial putting green is that it requires little to no maintenance. Unlike natural grass putting greens that require frequent upkeep to maintain their manicured look and functionality, an artificial grass putting green requires little to no maintenance once installed.

Not only does this make artificial putting greens the cost effective option when considering the maintenance costs of a natural green over its lifetime, but the minimal maintenance of an artificial golf green will save you hours of upkeep each month that can be used instead to enjoy your yard and work on your short game.

Improve Your Golf Game

The most obvious benefit of installing a home putting green is that you will be able to work on your short game whenever you like without even having to leave your own property. Designed to mimic the conditions of a real golf course, you will be able to perfect your technique from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, with an artificial putting green in your own backyard, there will be no need to carve out hours of your busy schedule to head down to your local golf course each time you want to practice. Instead, you will be able to take a few steps outside to your own personal putting green giving you the freedom to work on your short game whenever you have a spare 10 minutes, whether it be to clear your head with a quick golfing break when working from home or spending a day enjoying the golf green with family and friends.

Make Your Yard Functional

Installing a backyard putting green is also a great way to create a functional space that you will actually spend time enjoying. Make the best use of every inch of your property with your own artificial golf green.

Not only will you get more use out of your outdoor space, especially in areas where growing a traditional lawn may be difficult due to the sun and shade conditions, but a backyard putting green also provides a great way to entertain family and friends during BBQs and outdoor gatherings.

Increase Value

Additionally, having a beautiful, perfectly manicured putting green in your backyard that requires little to no maintenance can also increase the value of your property. Often perceived as a luxury feature, a backyard putting green will set your home apart from the rest when it comes time to sell and may even increase the selling price.

Installing A Backyard Putting Green – DIY

When it comes to installing a backyard putting green, doing the installation yourself may save you money on professional installation costs. However, it is a big, labour intensive undertaking that will require the hire and use of professional equipment.

There is also no guarantee on the quality of finish when installing your own home putting green. Incorrect installation could significantly impact the longevity of your artificial green, which may end up costing you more than the amount saved on installation costs, so prior landscaping knowledge and experience is recommended.

Planning & Design

The first step to installing a backyard putting green is planning out what you want by picking a location for the green and creating a design with an idea of size, hole locations, and fringe grass. Unlike with a professional installation where you will work alongside an artificial grass specialist to create a design, if you’re installing your own putting green, you will need to plan out the design yourself.

Ground Preparation

Once you have a clear idea of your design, you can begin ground preparations.

  • Excavate – First, you will need to remove the existing grass and vegetation in your chosen area to a depth of about 50mm to 100mm with additional width for the fringe and rough. This is a labour intensive and time consuming process, especially when carrying out the task on your own. Alternatively, you may want to consider hiring a local excavation service to speed up the process.
  • Base works – next, add a layer of roadbase to allow for sufficient drainage, followed by a layer of crusher dust for a smooth surface finish. Once your base works have been laid, you will need to compact the area using professional machinery to ensure that the base works hold firm. This step should be carried out carefully to create the optimal base for your golfing green.
  • Screed – now, you will need to finalise your hole locations and screed the surface to create the contouring of your green and get your levels right, keeping in mind that you don’t want to have any areas where water will pool.

Insert The Cups

Once the surface is complete, it’s time to insert the cups, ensuring that the lip of the cup extends above the surface level to where the artificial grass will be laid.

Lay The Grass

Lay out the artificial grass on your prepared surface and add the fringe, positioning the grass to minimise wastage and secure the edges. Once you are sure that everything is in the right place, trim the edges to fit and cut out the holes.

Add The Infill

Finally, add the infill. This is arguably the most important step as the infill determines the speed and will give your backyard green the same feel as a professional golf course. Brush the dry infill into the artificial grass, slowly building up the amount until you reach your desired speed. Remember to take your time, as it is far easier to add more infill than it is to remove it.


Once the infill has been added, your backyard putting green is complete. All that’s left to do is invite a couple of friends over and break in your new home golf green.

The Advantages Of A Professional Install

As is demonstrated in the step-by-step guide above, installing your own backyard putting green is no easy task, which is why many homeowners opt for the simplicity and finesse of professional installation.

Expert Design

One advantage of going down the route of professional installation through Enduroturf for your backyard putting green is that you will benefit from the experience and expertise of our putting green specialists.

We will work with you to create the best design for your property and preferences, maximising playing space and minimising wastage of space and materials.

No Equipment Hire

With a DIY home putting green installation, you will need to organise and pay for the hire of any equipment needed during the installation, which may include excavation and compacting machinery.

Conversely, when you hire Enduroturf to install your backyard golf green, we will take care of everything, providing you with one competitively priced, all-inclusive fee for any labour and equipment needed.

Save Time

Even if you can wrangle a group of friends to help you out with the installation of your backyard putting green on nights and weekends, installing your own artificial green is a labour intensive and time consuming undertaking.

Professional installation of your outdoor putting green is likely to be a far quicker process as it will be carried out by a team of professionals with access to all materials and equipment needed to finish the job.

Quality Guarantee

Additionally, when your backyard putting green is professionally installed, you can guarantee that it will be done correctly, eliminating potential problems from a DIY install such as drainage or levelling issues. This will ensure that your home putting green will closely mimic the experience of a professional golf course and give you peace of mind that your putting green will stand the test of time.

Our expert installers will also be able to seamlessly incorporate your putting green into the surrounding area for a flawless finish that is unlikely to be achieved as part of a backyard DIY project.

Quality Backyard Putting Greens Brisbane & Australia

If you want a quality, artificial backyard putting green that will provide endless hours of entertainment while improving your short game, Enduroturf has the solution. Enduroturf is an Australian-owned and operated supplier and installer of quality, Aussie-made artificial grass nationwide. Established in Queensland in 2003, we began as premium artificial putting green installation and design specialists for both home and commercial applications. As our business has grown, with an extensive network of highly skilled installers in almost every state and territory in Australia, our passion for golf and putting greens has only grown with it.

We offer a wide range of specialty greens, from DIY putting green kits to sophisticated custom designs with pro-series synthetic putting green for a true roll from every position. Customer satisfaction is our top priority which is why we only use quality, Australian-made artificial grass products to create durable backyard putting greens that will stand the test of time.

For the ultimate touch of luxury that will help you improve your golf game and add value to your home with little to no maintenance, a backyard putting green is the solution you’ve been looking for. Call Enduroturf today on 07 3289 4000 for expert advice and quality artificial putting green installations Brisbane and Australia wide at an affordable price.