It’s no secret Australia gets sweltering hot in summer. 

Although artificial grass remains lusciously green all year long, it has one considerable warm-weather drawback: the tendency to get sizzling hot. 

On scorching summer days, synthetic turf can become uncomfortable (or downright dangerous) to walk on barefoot. What’s more, radiant heat may warm the surrounding area, including your home.  

To resolve this common summertime conundrum, Enduroturf incorporates scientifically-proven HeatBlock™ technology into many of its products. Here’s why Enduroturf is the top choice for cooler artificial grass.

The Hot Artificial Grass Problem

Standard artificial grass can become dangerously hot when exposed to direct sunlight, especially on scorching summer days. The issue arises as heat remains trapped in the grass rather than permeating through the soil below. 

When the mercury soars, the surface temperature may rise as high as 100°C, sufficient to pose a significant burn risk. 

Toddlers and young children are especially susceptible due to their delicate skin and tendency to run around barefoot. In 2020, three Australian toddlers received second-degree burns from playing on artificial grass without wearing shoes.

Burnt feet aren’t the only reasons to choose wisely when installing synthetic grass. On hot days, unshaded artificial turf absorbs radiant heat and enhances the surrounding air temperature.

While shoes will protect your feet, they won’t safeguard you from radiant heat. Elevated temperatures can cause discomfort, dehydration, or even heat exhaustion. 

In some situations, heat radiating from artificial grass can warm up your home. If you’ve got a small block with limited airflow, your piping-hot synthetic turf could affect the inside temperature. The air conditioner will have to work harder to compensate, costing you more on your utility bills. 

How EnduroTurf Uses Heatblock Technology to Combat the Problem

Enduroturf incorporates HeatBlock Technology into many of its products to protect delicate feet and keep your home cool during summer. The scientifically-proven technology makes artificial grass up to 20% cooler than other synthetic lawns.  

But how does it work? 

Sunlight consists of visible light as well as UV and infrared radiation. The latter results in molecular vibration, which causes a surface to heat up when exposed to sunlight. HeatBlock Technology reflects infrared rays to reduce molecular vibration and maintain a cooler surface temperature. 

As a nifty bonus, HeatBlock Technology adds a softer, less-abrasive finish and reduces a lawn’s unnatural glossy sheen.  

Who Should Consider HeatBlock Technology?

Synthetic grass with HeatBlock Technology is a sensible choice for any homeowner prone to long hot summers—that’s most of Australia. 

You’ll find the technology especially beneficial when:

  • You’re unable to shade your grass on hot days
  • You’ve got young children
  • You live in a small plot with limited airflow
  • Your region is susceptible to intense heat. 

Invest in Artificial Grass with HeatBlock Technology from Enduroturf

Enduroturf stocks a wide range of high-quality products incorporating the scientifically-proven HeatBlock Technology. Some of our most popular HeatBlock options include:

  • The Platypus
  • The Wallaby
  • The Camel 
  • Kangaroo Turf
  • Breeze 
  • Pet Premium

Get in touch with our team today for a free measure and quote. With specially selected suppliers in every state and territory, we’re Australia’s go-to artificial grass brand.