When it comes to artificial grass, proper storage is as important as the manufacturing process itself. The method of storage not only ensures the quality of the grass but also enhances the efficiency of handling and transportation. One of the key systems used in the storage of artificial grass is Carpet Roll Racking a variation of the pallet racking system. In this post, we will delve into how this system benefits artificial grass manufacturers and ensures the pristine condition of their products.

Understanding Carpet Roll Racking

Carpet Roll Racking is a specialised pallet racking storage derived system designed for long and cylindrical products like carpet or vinyl and, in our case, artificial grass rolls. This deep racking system is ingeniously structured to store rolls in a pigeon-hole style, making the most of the available vertical space while ensuring easy access to individual rolls.

Key Features of Carpet Roll Racking:

  • Deep Racking System: This structure allows for the maximisation of storage space, enabling manufacturers to store large quantities of artificial grass rolls efficiently.
  • Pigeon-Hole Style Storage: Each roll is stored in its compartment, reducing the risk of damage and making inventory management a breeze.
  • Accessibility: The design of carpet roll racking ensures that each roll is easily accessible, which is vital for quick and efficient operations.

Material Handling in Carpet Roll Racking

One of the challenges in handling long and bulky items like artificial grass rolls is transportation and picking. Carpet roll racking addresses this through the use of specialised material handling equipment.

  • Forklift with Roll Prong Attachment: This equipment is essential for handling artificial grass rolls stored at higher levels. The roll prong attachment ensures that rolls can be picked up, moved, and placed without any damage.
  • Hand-Picking for Lower Shelves: The lower levels of the racking system are designed for hand-picking, making it convenient for staff to access and manage the inventory without the need for heavy machinery.

Ideal Storage for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass rolls, similar in shape and size to carpets and vinyl rolls, find an ideal storage solution in carpet roll racking. This system not only maximises space but also keeps the rolls in their best condition – free from creases, bends, and other forms of damage.