Are you tired of constantly dealing with a smelly, muddy lawn caused by your furry friend’s outdoor activities? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a beautiful, low-maintenance and odour-free lawn with Enduroturf’s Pet Premium System.

Mana Nowbar, a satisfied customer, couldn’t be happier with the end result. They purchased Enduroturf’s Pet Premium System and their dog is loving it. Not only was the team punctual and completed the job on time, but the quote was accurate with no hidden fees at the end. Glen, the team leader, was honest and explained everything to help make an informed decision.

“Glen and his team were absolutely great. We are so happy with our end product. We purchased the one which is specifically designed for pet and our dog is just loving it. They were punctual and finish the job on time. Glen was completely honest and explained everything for making a good decision.The quote was accurate and no hidden fees at the end. I highly recommend Enduroturf Synthetic Grass. Thanks Enduroturf” Mana Nowbar – Google Review

The Pet Premium System includes Enduroturf’s Pet Premium artificial grass, exclusive Pet Premium Infill, and P-Off Cleaner. The Pet Premium artificial grass is designed to look natural with its 30mm high turf in field green, olive green, and multicolour sub pile. It is tough and durable, with a 12-year warranty, and features exclusive COOLplus technology which reduces surface temperature by up to 20%. The double perforations in the backing ensure superior drainage and make it easy to collect pet waste.

The Pet Premium Infill, made with naturally occurring minerals called zeolites, absorbs animal urine to prevent the release of ammonia gas and significantly reduce foul odours. The infill falls safely to the base of the surface and is harmless to pets and humans. The recommended Pet Premium Infill ratio is 10kg per m2.

To tackle any occasional bad odours and stains, Enduroturf also provides P-Off enzymatic cleaner, a high-performance synthetic turf cleaner that is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. This cleaner is recommended by veterinarians and is available in 4L and 2L bottles or a handy 940ml spray bottle.

Enduroturf’s Pet Premium System is the ultimate solution for pet owners looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance, and odour-free lawn. Contact us today and let your pet enjoy a happy, healthy and safe outdoor space.