If you’re wondering whether or not artificial grass is suitable for use with dogs, the short answer is: absolutely! In fact, artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to natural grass lawns for pet owners. There are many benefits to installing an artificial grass lawn for pet use, from its increased durability to the consistent manicured look that synthetic grass provides with minimal maintenance.

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The Pros & Cons Of Artificial Grass For Dogs


Artificial grass is quickly becoming the popular choice for dog owners in Australia as it means less mess with less maintenance, no harmful chemicals, no pests, with greater durability for rough and tumble dogs.

No Mess

One of the biggest drawbacks of having dogs on a natural grass lawn is the mess that it creates. With digging, burying, and rolling around in the dirt, let alone mud when it rains, a real grass lawn can become a nightmare with pets.

With an artificial grass lawn, there is no dirt in your lawn, meaning you will never have to worry about cleaning down your mud-covered dog every time they come inside. This also means that an artificial grass lawn will provide a safe and even surface for dogs in any weather.

Low Maintenance

Unlike a traditional grass lawn, artificial grass requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking clean and pristine. Being a dog owner is a rewarding yet time-consuming commitment. The last thing you need to be worried about after walking, feeding, training, and playing with your dog is having to head back outside to maintain your lawn.

While traditional grass lawns require regular mowing, edging, fertilising, and watering, all a synthetic grass lawn needs to keep it looking fresh and manicured is the occasional hose down. This saves you time and money on maintaining your lawn, leaving you with more time to enjoy being a pet owner.

No Harmful Chemicals

Another benefit of using artificial grass for dogs is that there is no need to use the fertilisers and pesticides that are used on natural grass lawns. This means that you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals that are often found in such products that may be harmful to pets, as artificial grass does not need them.

This ensures that your lawn will remain a safe and healthy environment for your pets to enjoy.

No Pests

As an artificial grass lawn is made with synthetic materials, there is no organic matter to attract pests such as fleas and ticks. This helps to keep your dog free from such pests that often carry diseases that can lead to serious health issues.

Made To Last

One of the biggest concerns of dog owners when it comes to lawns is the amount of damage a dog can do to it. Chewing up grass, digging holes, and creating bare paths and worn patches are just some of the common behaviours dogs have that will result in an uneven and unsightly lawn.

With an artificial grass lawn, your dog won’t be able to dig holes, leaving piles of dirt in their wake. Not only will this ensure that your lawn keeps its even, tidy appearance, but it can also even help to eliminate your pup’s habit of digging altogether.

Quality artificial grass is made to last, using durable materials that will hold up better to pet use over time. This means that your lawn will remain in great condition regardless of use.


While there are many benefits to using artificial grass for dogs, there are some potential downsides that should be considered before making a final decision, including the installation cost, the inclusion of potentially toxic materials, and lawn temperature.

Installation Cost

Installing an artificial grass lawn can cost significantly more than it would to grow a traditional lawn. However, it’s important to consider both the upfront cost as well as the lifetime cost of a lawn. While natural grass may be the cheaper option upfront, the regular maintenance and materials required to keep a natural grass lawn looking green and tidy will end up costing you far more over the lifetime of the lawn.

Additionally, Enduroturf offers competitively priced artificial grass for dogs Australia wide, further reducing the overall cost of choosing a synthetic grass lawn for your pets.
Potentially Toxic Materials

One of the risks when buying artificial grass is the chance that it may contain toxic materials. Imported artificial grass products are often made with low-quality materials and far less stringent quality testing. This means that the turf may be made using dangerous chemicals and toxic products, including lead, that can be harmful to dogs, other pets, and even humans.

When you buy Enduroturf artificial grass, you can rest assured that all of our grass is made in Australia using quality Australian materials.

Lawn Temperature

Another concern of using artificial grass for dogs is the lawn temperature will be significantly greater than a traditional grass lawn after hours of direct sunlight. This can make the lawn less comfortable for both you and your dogs on hotter days.

Enduroturf’s Pet Premium Artificial Grass uses COOLplus technology to reduce surface temperature, ensuring that you and your pets will be able to enjoy your lawn all year round.

Artificial Grass For Dogs – Australia Wide

Enduroturf is the number one choice when it comes to high-quality, durable, and affordable artificial grass for dogs Brisbane and Australia wide. Our Pet Premium System is specifically designed for use with pets and includes our hypoallergenic pet premium artificial grass backed by a 12-year warranty, Pet Premium Infill to reduce foul odours, and handy P-Off turf cleaner.

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