As we grow older, crossing off our domestic chores becomes increasingly challenging. From mowing the lawn to vacuuming the floor, these everyday duties become a burden for the elderly. Not only is housework harder, but getting around the house also presents a challenge.

The good news is that modifying your home can make life a whole lot easier in your twilight years. Here are a few simple home solutions to help you age in place.

Lay Artificial Grass in the Backyard

Forget mowing the lawn monthly or busting your back by pulling out weeds. Modern artificial grass looks just as lush as the real thing and requires only a fraction of the maintenance. The occasional sprinkle of sand infill and a sweep is all it takes to look after your shiny new synthetic lawn.

Not only is artificial grass convenient, but it can save you money in the long run. Lower maintenance expenses offset the higher installation cost—no more watering, fertiliser, weed killer, and contractor fees. Moreover, your artificial lawn will look refreshingly verdant throughout the year, even during severe drought.

Swap the Stairs for a Home Lift

Scrambling up to the second storey is a menacing prospect for the old and infirm. And for wheelchair-bound Australians, a two-storey home is entirely unviable.

But there’s no need to sell up and downsize. You can regain access to your entire abode by replacing the stairs with a residential lift. Although this home modification does involve a considerable financial outlay, it’s typically cheaper—and far more convenient—than finding somewhere else to live.

An experienced residential lift company can custom-design a suitable solution and undertake the installation in a matter of days. That way, you can continue living in the family home you’ve grown to know and love.

Reduce Cleaning with a Robovac

Why suffer through back-breaking labour when you can get artificial intelligence to do the legwork for you?

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way in the last decade, and modern iterations perform exceptionally well. For a reasonable investment, you can purchase a high-powered device that will vacuum the entire house while you watch TV. These easy-to-use machines only require a modest degree of technological literacy to configure and run—you could always ask the kids to help set it up.

There are a few minor drawbacks to consider. A rob vac can’t navigate stairs and will chew up any loose charging cables or tassels on your rugs. But with multiple units and zoning controls, it’s easy enough to overcome these issues.

Pro tip: get a model with an in-built dust bin, so you don’t have to empty the device manually each time.

Increase Home Security with a Door Bell Camera

A front door camera is a great way to bolster your home security, as it lets you identify guests without making your presence known. Most models feature a conspicuous external camera to spook would-be intruders. Furthermore, you can configure a system to automatically capture images during each doorbell press to maintain a record of every visitor.

The technology isn’t just a plus for safety; it also makes life more convenient. Homeowners can use the audio intercom feature to determine a visitor’s identity before answering the door. And if you link it up to a home automation system with smart locks, it’s possible to open the door without even getting up from the couch.

Build a Smart Home

A smart home (or home automation) is when you link numerous devices to a central, voice-activated unit known as a home assistant. That way, you can perform an array of activities without lifting a finger—just tell the assistant what you want to do. From switching on the TV to turning off the lights and locking the doors, a smart home makes life easier and more convenient.

Some devices, such as your video intercom or air-conditioner, are relatively easy to connect. Others, like the locks on your door, will require a professional installation. Nonetheless, a smart home is well worth the investment for older people with impaired mobility.

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