Back in August 2014 we were delighted to announce that Enduroturf QLD had been given the prestigious job of working with our partner APT to provide Wet N’ Wild with extensive Synthetic Grass.


Using the new “CoolYarn” product which reduces heat and has a prolonged life expectancy. It was a truly massive job working in a water park still open to the public. It required careful consultation, planning and execution.

When we announced this contract, our Facebook page “lit up”!

Here are pics of the work in progress, we’d pulled up 3000sq m of old, tired turf – the guys were only half way through at this stage and that pool looked pretty inviting!

Days later and we were still plugging away… Darcy Shedden commented on Facebook:

Not wrong there mate!

The new turf starts being laid…and the transformation begins…

One of the best aspects of working at Wet N’ Wild with the park full of people was seeing an instant reaction to our work as patrons walked on the turf for the first time.

Acres of greenery by the pool gave the scene a natural look – the photos don’t really do the richness of the sky, pool and grass justice!

More sections finished and in use…

The wave pool flanked by super durable artificial grass.

From every angle, you’d swear the gardeners had been out manicuring the lawns that morning.

Well done team!  You worked like Trojans yet exercised painstaking attention to detail…..client was ecstatic, we’re proud and the mums, dads and kids…well, they’re all having a fantastic time!!!