The basic commitment we expect of our installation guys (and girl!) is to turn up on time and work till the job is done – that’s what we pay them for and they’re brilliant at what they do. It’s hard work, out in the baking sun or pouring rain, working to a deadline but all the same, we’re filled with pride at their unending professionalism.

It comes as a delightful surprise when, often at short notice, we ask them to unleash their creativity and go the extra mile to make a job extra special.

Here are just a few examples of their talent in crafting inspiring and quirky designs from coloured artificial grass we keep in the back of our trucks:

Me: Is that an Irish Jig you’ve created?

Dave: No Glen, it’s a pastiche of quavers and semi-quavers in the key of B flat.

Me: Ah yeah, of course.

Hopscotch the chalk free way! The response and look on the kids faces we revealed this….”no Sam, you don’t use an APP!”. Just like their tablets, you can’t get them off this either…

When we put these images on our Facebook page, 21 people “liked” it overnight, Darcy Sheddon was compelled to comment “Very clever chappies”.

It always amazes us how kids will gravitate to Chess and Draughts boards – they’re an excellent way to jazz up a school yard and provide hours of entertainment.

Me: Dave that’s a nice Violin you made…..

Dave’; Nah, it’s a Cello in the style of Cremona…16th century.

Me: Ah yeah, of course.

And this standout bowling alley in a centre blew me away when I saw the end result…

To our installation teams: boys and girl, it’s yet another example of you elevating your craft to an art form – well done, I bow to your talent!