Some people call it fake grass; others refer to it as synthetic or artificial turf. It doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is that you choose a quality product that looks and feels realistic and an installer who is experienced at providing a seamless finish that is made to last.

Fake grass can be installed anywhere that grass won’t grow or you don’t want to mow.

Our fake grass is installed in homes, at schools, retirement villages, theme parks, playgrounds and council areas and is constantly used and admired.   Enduroturf’s synthetic grass provides a softer, more visually pleasing alternative to traditional landscaping ideas such as hard, slippery concrete or pavers.  Our lawn is always ready for use – no more mud or dry and dusty patches.

You won’t need your mower, trimmer, fertilisers or sprinklers any more.

Forget bindies, mud, grass allergens and bare patches in your lawn.  Just sit back and enjoy because with Enduroturf artificial grass, it is easy to have the perfect lawn.

Enduroturf provides a soft surface that is gentle on hands, feet and knees and allows absorption for minor impacts.  Fake turf has evolved and is now so realistic it can be difficult to tell it apart from the real thing.   It will not be affected by salt or chlorine splashes from your pool, so is safe for use around pools and spas.

Rest assured that every Enduroturf grass is manufactured right here in Australia.

  • Carefully colour matched to blend in with our urban landscape so our grass won’t look fake.
  • Meticulously designed with the finest synthetic materials, so it won’t feel fake.
  • Created to withstand our harsh Australian climate with added UV.
  • 100% lead free
  • Backed by a long warranty – up to 10 years – to give you peace of mind.