Backyard Pro Golf

16mm Golf Artificial Grass

“BACKYARD PRO GOLF” This is the perfect turf for the small to mid size back yard golf putting green. Capable of short chipping (max 5m) with impeccable, non directional putting characteristics. Augusta is the be all and end all of putting turf.

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16mm Golf Artificial Grass (Pile Height)

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  • 16 mm Pile Height (heat-shrunk to 13mm)
  • 7 Year Warranty / Made In Australia
  • Single tone green
  • Stitch rate 210/m – Gauge 4.76
  • Sand infill : 8 kg/sq.m
  • Sport (Golf) or Commercial foot traffic

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Available Lengths & Pricing

4 LM (14.8 sq.m), 6 LM (22.2 sq.m), 8 LM (29.6 sq.m), 10 LM (37 sq.m), 12 LM (44.4 sq.m), 14 LM (51.8 sq.m), 16 LM (59.2 sq.m), 20 LM (74 sq.m)


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