Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

“Pet Premium” artificial grass is a pet friendly product designed and manufactured here is Australia specifically for areas with pet usage.  In combination with our Pet Premium Infill this product will reduce pet odours and is easier to clean.

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30mm Pet Friendly Artificial Grass (Pile Height)

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  • Best used in conjunction with Pet Infill
  • 30mm Pile Height / 4 tone green/tan
  • Double perforations in backing for superior drainage, and high density tufting for ease of collecting pet waste.
  • Safe and hypo-allergenic to prevent fleas & ticks.
  • 12 Year Warranty / Made In Australia
  • Stitch rate 135/m – Gauge 3/8
  • Infill : 10 kg/sq.m PET PREMIUM INFILL or sand
  • Residential / Commercial
  • HeatBlock™

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Available Lengths & Pricing

4 LM (14.8 sq.m), 6 LM (22.2 sq.m), 8 LM (29.6 sq.m), 10 LM (37 sq.m), 12 LM (44.4 sq.m), 14 LM (51.8 sq.m), 16 LM (59.2 sq.m), 20 LM (74 sq.m)


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