40mm Artificial Grass

THE CAMEL – 50mm of high strength, high texture and natural looking grass – built for HEAVY traffic areas but still retains a soft and attractive look and feel. With a HUGE 15 YEAR warranty there simply is no substitute to The hearty CAMEL

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50mm Artificial Grass (Pile Height)

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  • 15 year WARRANTY
  • 50mm Pile Height heat shrunk to 35mm
  • Made In Australia
  • Multi tone green, mega soft fibre
  • Stitch rate 160/m – Gauge 12.7
  • Sand infill : 12-15kg sq.m
  • Residential and Commercial
  • HeatBlock™

Additional information

Length Required and COST

4 LM (14.8 sq.m), 6 LM (22.2 sq.m), 8 LM (29.6 sq.m), 10 LM (37 sq.m), 12 LM (44.4 sq.m), 14 LM (51.8 sq.m), 16 LM (59.2 sq.m), 20 LM (74 sq.m)


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