Recycled Synthetic Grass

Recycled Synthetic Grass

Finally it is here – the world’s first Australian Made recycled synthetic grass.

You wont find Enduroturf’s exclusive recycled artificial grass anywhere else. Enduroturf has always been focussed on environmental issues which is why we have worked so hard with our manufacturers to develop this environmentally friendly synthetic grass for Australians.

‘Environmentally friendly’ is a term that can be thrown around somewhat loosely , but here at Enduroturf we take it very seriously. So, what do we mean when we say that our synthetic grass really is environmentally friendly?
Our recycled grass re-uses 25 PET bottles per sq/m of lawn

PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate) is commonly used for water and soft drink bottles. The bottle water industry causes the release of 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, which is the equivalent to the amount used by 13,000 cars. Unfortunately only 23% of PET bottles are recycled each year, but with your help we are hoping to change that.

‘”The average sized residential synthetic lawn installation is around 45sq metres this equates to the recycling of approx. 1125 PET bottles.”

Our grass is totally free of lead & heavy metals.

Providing synthetic grasses that are free of lead and heavy metal is nothing new to Enduroturf. We take the health and safety of you, your family and pets seriously, and do not sell any grasses that contain these elements. Some imported products are known to contain these elements.

“At Enduroturf you can rest assured knowing that every artificial grass we sell is free of any nasties.”

We don’t waste precious global resources by importing

Why would we import artificial grass? Our Australian manufacturers’ are world class and only produce high quality synthetic grass that can stand up to our lifestyle, harsh climate and UV. In fact our recycled synthetic grass even qualifies to carry the prestigious Australian Made logo.

“Adding to global warming by shipping in inferior products from other counties just doesn’t make sense to us.”

So, how eco-friendly is Enduroturf’s recycled artificial turf?

Well, even recycled synthetic grass isn’t going to create oxygen but then neither do pavers or any other form of permanent surfacing.

However, it is debatable whether the impact of installing synthetic grass does in fact have a negative impact on the environment at all.

You will actually end up reducing your ongoing greenhouse emissions with artificial grass because you will ;

  • no longer need to use machinery such as mowers, trimmers or edgers
  • no longer release methane from decaying grass, fertilisers or pesticides
  • save one of our most precious resources, water
  • re-use approximately 25 PET bottles per square metre of turf,

– and that’s over 1000 PET bottles for an average sized synthetic residential lawn.

“Recycled synthetic grass that is made in Australia makes sense”

Does Enduroturf recycled grass have the same life span and softness as your other lawn products?

Absolutely, there is no compromise in quality or look and feel with Enduroturf recycled synthetic grass, and it comes with an 8 year Australian manufacturers warranty.

Contact us to have a sample sent out to you and compare for yourself today.