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Having worked with schools for over 20 years EnduroTurf has intimate knowledge of the unique requirements when it comes to school specific play spaces and surfacing.   

These can range from sporting specific products, safety surfacing and general use products to improve the overall look and feel whilst ensuring safe, attractive and a long lasting project implementation.  Play equipment and surfacing needs to be age specific and also last in what can usually be deemed and extreme use environment.

Synthetic grass offers several advantages in a school setting:

Low Maintenance

It requires minimal upkeep compared to natural grass, saving time and money on mowing, watering, and fertilizing. This allows staff to focus on other essential tasks.


Unlike natural grass, which can become muddy or patchy due to weather or heavy use, synthetic grass maintains a consistent appearance year-round, providing a clean and safe surface for activities.

Water Conservation

In regions where water is scarce or where droughts are common, using synthetic grass helps conserve water resources as it doesn’t require regular watering.


It can be installed in various locations, such as playgrounds, sports fields, or recreational areas, providing a multi-functional space for different activities.


Synthetic grass can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for playgrounds or areas where children play sports. It remains usable even after continuous use, unlike natural grass that may wear out and become patchy.


Synthetic grass often comes with additional safety features, such as cushioning layers underneath, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. It can also be designed to meet safety standards for various sports activities.


Some students may have allergies triggered by natural grass pollen. Synthetic grass eliminates this concern, providing a safe environment for all students to enjoy outdoor activities without allergic reactions.

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Safe . Durable . Beautiful

Enduroturf’s Solution for Schools

Woodridge SHS partnered with Enduro Turf to create a safer, more durable, and visually stunning play area. Our synthetic grass solutions offer:

Increased safety for students and staff

Reduced maintenance and allergy concerns

Enhanced aesthetics and playability

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