Soft Fall Options

Wet Pour rubber

Wet Pour rubber offers a huge range of colour and design options including game and learning aid details.  Can be integrated with other surfacing options such as synthetic grass for a natural ambience.

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Rubber tiles

The Enduroturf Rubber Tile system utilises 1sq m tile components along with optional finishing edges and pole collars.

Blue, green and red base colours are available each with rainbow speckles throughout.

Synthetic grass soft fall

Artificial grass is an exciting revolution in children’s recreation areas. It offers all the benefits of the better known tennis court or ‘astro turf’ style of product commonly used, and much more.

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Using mulch is a very cost effective way to provide undersurfacing with a natural look. Mulch is only suitable for outdoor use and will need topping up from time to time. Make sure you purchase mulch that has been certified for use in playground areas.


Sand is also a very cost effective undersurfacing option which tends to work well in beach locations. Sand may attract cat litter and may also increase wear and tear on painted surfaces due to its abrasive texture.

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