Wetpour Rubber/Tiles

Wet Pour rubber

Wet Pour rubber offers a huge range of colour and design options including game and learning aid details.  Can be integrated with other surfacing options such as synthetic grass for a natural ambience.

Wet Pour rubber is poured in place and giving a seamless surface that can be moulded, shaped, contoured, offers maximum safety and  is easily installed into tricky areas such as sloping ground, around existing structures or playground equipment.

Rubber tiles

The Enduroturf Rubber Tile system utilises 1sq m tile components along with optional finishing edges and pole collars.

Blue, green and red base colours are available each with rainbow speckles throughout.

EPDM speckle colours and concentrations can be increased and customised for clients  requiring a special  effect.

The rubber tile system is perfect for playground safety zones, general play areas and also for soft fall areas.

Compliance with Australian Standards is guaranteed