Synthetic Putting Greens

Synthetic Putting Green

An Enduroturf synthetic putting green is the ultimate touch of luxury.  It will add value to your lifestyle and property, giving you hours of endless practice and entertainment without the hassles of constant maintenance.

Did you know that Enduroturf originally started out purely as a premium artificial putting green installation and design specialist?   As the business grew it started to branch out into synthetic lawns and other sporting surfaces.

Our passion still lies in golf and putting greens, and we offer a wide range of speciality greens ranging through from commercial golf course installations through to DIY putting green kits.



This level of synthetic putting green is found in the homes of famous golfers worldwide.  It allows you to chip and pitch from any distance with confidence – the ball will stick and roll just as a natural grass putting green would.  It allows you to practice your putting with a true roll from every position on the green.



Backyard Pro

This style of synthetic putting green also offers a realistic playing experience and handles short chipping.  It is designed for smaller areas, or for those that are only focused on putting. This green is at home either as a backyard, commercial or indoor putting green and is found at many pro golfing shops around Australia.



Commercial Golf Courses

From high quality artificial putting greens to target greens, fairway lawn or driving range hitting turf, Enduroturf have the experience to ensure the longevity of your investment.



Commercial Putt Putt

Whether you want to use your own design or have an Enduroturf custom design, anything from a basic model right through to a mega putt with all the bells and whistles.


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