Commercial Golf Courses

Technological advances in the last 5 years have allowed manufacturers to develop synthetic materials that are now being used regularly to replace natural grass for putting green purposes. The materials used, in addition to installation advancements, have given rise to synthetic putting greens that are as good as, if not better than, a natural grass product.

All functionality of natural grass greens have been replicated (including speed, accuracy, shot holding capability and shaping characteristics) to the point where several courses around the world are already replacing natural greens with artificial ones.

However, the main area of interest is the savings achieved through reduced maintenance and water consumption. Imagine a green that, when being constructed , requires minimal drainage, no need whatsoever for irrigation (water or plumbing) and never needs to be mowed, weeded, cored, dragged, seeded or even shut down for re-turfing.

A synthetic green will always look in perfect condition, act as realistic as a natural grass green and has virtually zero ongoing running costs.

A traditionally accepted model is that synthetic putting greens pay for themselves in as little as 7 years when compared to natural turf greens (based on normal maintenance costs of running a natural product) and when you factor that they have a lifespan of between 10-15 years, you can see the ROI is quite substantial.

Synthetic Target Greens

For driving range purposes synthetic target greens provide an inexpensive, long-term opportunity to boost your image whilst providing a high -class offering for clients. For the same reasons mentioned above, synthetic target greens offer you a cost saving to that of natural greens. Made from slightly lesser grades of synthetic material, the target greens “behave” just as a natural grass green, with the same minimised ongoing maintenance costs.

Fairway Lawn (Turf)

To provide the fullest level of reduced maintenance and water consumption, a fully synthetic “fairway” grass is available for use on driving ranges and even golf courses. In much the same way you would have natural grass in the field of play, we can provide an option of completely replacing all natural grass with specifically designed synthetic turf. This product, once installed, would completely eradicate the need for watering, mowing, irrigation systems, machinery, weeding, spraying, etc… and reduces staffing levels dramatically. The fairway grass, in conjunction with synthetic greens, provides an immaculate looking facility, with virtually zero maintenance. Ball collection can even be automated with careful design and construction on driving ranges.

Driving Range Hitting Turf

Enduroturf offers you Enduro Tee, a remarkably natural feeling and performing hitting surface. Customers can play a shot off a synthetic surface that acts and feel s just  like fairway conditions. Throughout the USA and Europe, traditional driving range mats are a thing of the past.

A traditional golf mat requires you to hit the ball “off” the surface, which doesn’t replicate fairway conditions.

Enduro Tee allows customers to hit “through” the ball. With our unique sand and rubber filled synthetic system, customers can replicate fairway shots and even take a divot, all without the mess and hassle of re-turfing, watering and ugly brown patches.

Enduro Tee allows driving ranges to reduce the space needed for hitting bays, freeing up space for other uses and also reduces the overall operating cost through the savings achieved in maintenance, watering, re-turfing etc…