Pro Series Putting Greens

PGA Level Synthetic Putting Green

An Enduroturf Pro-Series level green is the ultimate golfer’s luxury. Our synthetic greens can be found in the homes of golfing professionals all around the world. Not only will it help improve your game, but it will look stunningly manicured and add value to your home.

An Enduroturf synthetic putting green allows you to practice on a green with consistent putts and a true roll from every position on the green. An Enduroturf putting green will allow you to chip and pitch from any distance with confidence, ensuring that the ball will stick and roll just like a natural grass green – but without the divots!

Years of research have resulted in a surface that replicates the playing condition of natural turf, eliminating the cost and labour of maintenance. Enduroturf is more durable, affordable, longer lasting and safer than any other golf surface – including real grass.

An Enduroturf synthetic putting green requires no water, no mowing, no weeding, no coring and over the life of the product, very little maintenance.

Every Enduroturf synthetic putting green is designed to each customer’s individual specifications. During the design process, we work carefully with you to ascertain important factors including:

  • the size and shape of the putting surface
  • the slope of the land, how it might affect the layout of the green
  • specific undulations and tiers that we plan to build into the putting surface
  • how large the fringe area should be, is there room for chipping areas?
  • sand bunker viability
  • other landscaping ideas that could help finish off the area as a whole.

We work very closely with you to ensure that you receive the best synthetic putting green available based on budget and the usable area.

To view a display site or have an onsite consultation, contact us at Enduroturf today.

*The installation technique of an Enduroturf Pro-Series level synthetic putting green differs greatly from those available in non-directional kit form. Pro-Series level greens require extensive grass laying expertise followed by professional installation training and are therefore not available as a DIY option.