Artificial Grass

Any place grass won’t grow or you don’t want to mow

Synthetic lawn is the new, fresh alternative to turf or pavers, because it looks natural, feels fabulous and doesn’t take up your weekends with weeding and time consuming or expensive lawn mowing services.

No mowing No grass allergies
No watering No pesticides
No fertilising No bindies
No muddy footprints No lawn clippings in the pool

Enduroturf’s synthetic lawn looks and feels so natural

Every synthetic grass made for Enduroturf is made right here in Australia, and every blade is carefully colour matched to ensure it blends in perfectly with our Australian landscape.

Enduroturf looks right at home just about anywhere

Around pools back yards/front yards
Between pavers feature areas
Courtyards shaded areas
Rooftops play areas

A wide range of artificial grass products, colour variations, textures

Enduroturf has a wide variety of artificial grass styles available.  Our most popular styles are listed on our Synthetic Grass Products page.

We can also source additional styles and colours of artificial turf for specialist applications.

High quality synthetic lawn that is made to last

Enduroturf’s entire range of synthetic grass is made to the strictest of guidelines to make sure you have a product that is going to last.

Good quality synthetic turf should keep it’s texture and rich organic colour for years of rain, hail and sunshine.  It should be salt and chlorine resistant.

Making sure you choose a company that knows how to install synthetic grass properly is of the utmost importance in extending the life of your investment.

Enduroturf have been installing synthetic lawn for a long time and can show you installations that have been in place for several years.

Enduroturf back up this up by offering long warranties – up to 10 years. Enduroturf is able to offer you not only the best quality, but also the best synthetic grass prices.

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